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side Sep-28-00 07:59 PM
LAST EDITED ON Sep-28-00 AT 08:04 PM (GMT)

which the speed of the seguites medias?
what diferrence for bps and Bps ?

serial conection
its little confuse for me

100mbps is 100mhz ?


1. RE: velocity
lbyard Sep-28-00 08:30 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Sep-28-00 AT 08:37 PM (GMT)

A 100M bit per second square ("rectangular") wave, as in an Ethernet baseband network, is a 100 Mhz (1,000,000 cycles per second or CPS, before Hertz was adopted for CPS) square wave (unless one thinks in terms of a Fourier transform of a square wave or spectrum consisting of sinusoidal components which when summed, etc., or "deFourier'd" are equivalent to a square wave, which we wont). To complicate the matter further, a MBps or MBPS (depending on who wrote it) is a Mega Byte per second which may or may not be equal to 8 Mbps. It may not if it takes more bits than eight (error correction, etc.) to send an 8-bit Byte of over a network, etc.

Guess that was all too confussing, so forget it... Simply put, in practice, the terms, Mbps and MHz are loosely interchangeable.

I added all of the gibberish because I have been accussed more than once of not knowing the difference between bits and Hertz(es), etc. in some of my articles. To that critizism I have replied that I left academia many years, too many... Long day... Time for a cold beer. Larry

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