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Peer to peer networking Windows 2000 & 98
gwem Oct-07-00 09:11 PM
Hello all
I m having quite a hard time setting up a Win2k & Win98 box network. The computers will not see each other. Both NICS are functioning. I've installed Netbui protocol on the Win98 box, but I don't see any place to do it in Win2k. Its a simple crossover cable setup.

Can someone point me to a good reference on getting this done? Plenty of stuff out there for hooking up 2 Win98 machines but very little on a Win98/Win2k combo

I'd appreciate any link or helpful hints


1. RE: Peer to peer networking Windows 2000 & 98
robert03 Oct-08-00 06:29 PM
In response to message 0
try this:
on the 2000 box right click on network neighbourhood, if your network card is functioning you should have to icons :
1. make a new connection.
2. local area network.

If u have the local area network then:
right click it and install the components u need ,
tcp/ip or netbeui
microsoft netwoking
and file shareing.

If u dont then :
right click my computer, go to hardware tab and click device manager, and check your network card.

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