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Win98SE & WinNT4.0
inon Oct-15-00 10:03 PM
Machine-1 is a Win98SE and Machine-2 is a dual boot (Win98, WinNT4.0).

After installing NICs in both the machines and TCP/IP they see each other and shared resources are fine. The problems is when I boot the mach-2 into NT4.0

I cannot ping one from the other.

Another big problem when both the machines are in Win98 is ICS. After installing ICS on machine-1, I cannot dial out and connect to my isp.

All help is appreciated.

1. RE: Win98SE & WinNT4.0
robert03 Oct-16-00 01:39 AM
In response to message 0
well if u are dual booting then you will have to install the nic driver twice ,which i guess u have already done ,if not then make sure that your nic driver is compatible with nt.
if so then reinstall all the networking components and protocols.

2. RE: Win98SE & WinNT4.0
inon Oct-16-00 01:45 AM
In response to message 1
The drivers are NT compatible and I have installed twice.

On my ICS puter, what should be the entries for
TCP/IP properties - IP Address, and WINS Configuration?

Also, while installing ICS do I need to be "connected" to the network (just built) as well as my ISP?

Please help.

3. RE: Win98SE & WinNT4.0
inon Oct-16-00 02:15 AM
In response to message 1
robert03, just got both of my Win98-Win98 got going. Network as well as ICS. I guess I need to stay connected to both my network as well as to the ISP while installing ICS.

Thanks for all help. My next step is to have this run WinNT-Win98 network & ICS.

4. RE: Win98SE & WinNT4.0
inon Oct-16-00 04:48 PM
In response to message 3
Yep.....I did it. Now, things are working with WinNT too.

Thanks for everything.

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