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Network and Dos App
Tinknocker Nov-14-00 04:34 AM
Have just completed installing peer to peer LAN at work. Two bosses, two computers.Computer in office of Boss#1 has proprietary dos based cad/cam app protected by dongle and software key and linked to a CNC plasma cutting machine in the shop. Boss#2 wants to run the app on his box thru the LAN. Have had the app installed and running on computer #2 (2nd dongle and software key) so I know that it will run on his machine. Before the LAN install Boss#2 would run the app on his machine and save the results to disk and then use computer #1 to send data to the shop. Now, when I try to launch the app on computer #2 thru the LAN I get the following message:

"You cannot run this graphics application in a window. The application will be suspended until you switch it to full screen by pressing Alt-Enter. Check the properties to ensure they are correct."

I compared the properties of the shortcut of this app and they are the same on both computers. Pressing Alt-Enter does not allow the app to run on computer #2. The app runs in a dos window launched from W95 on computer #1 and computer #2 is using W98.

Any ideas?


1. RE: Network and Dos App
lbyard Nov-14-00 11:12 AM
In response to message 0
Tin, I donít understand why you donít have the software installed on computer 2 instead of running it from computer 1 over the network. The problem may be caused by the fact that you have the software installed on computer 1 and computer 2 has a different display adapter/settings. Why not install the computer software on computer 2 (and computer 1) and save the data to any common location you desire on the network? Of course, if you do that, the software must be network ready (does file locking, etc. so garbage isnít produced when more than one user tries to write to a file at the same time) or you have to establish procedures to protect the data. Larry

2. RE: Network and Dos App
Tinknocker Nov-15-00 02:33 AM
In response to message 1
Thanks for the quick reply.

We've had the software installed and working on computer #2, but in order to communicate w/ the cnc machine in the shop we must use computer #1. It is linked to the shop via serial cable. In order to download data to the cnc machine we need a "program number" which is issued by computer #1 in the last step of the software proccess thru the printer (thus the function of the dongle). With the app running on computer #2 we must transfer data to a floppy disk and load this information into the software on computer #1 and complete that last step which gives us a printout w/ the "program number".

We expected to eliminate the use of the floppy by networking. As it stands now, we can transfer the data over the network from compter #1 to #2 but it is still necessary to sit down at computer #1 and run the app to get the needed "program number".

I would assume having had the app installed and working on computer #2 that no settings need to be changed for it to work when accessed over the network.

One further question. I'm not particularly adept working with dos (only became involved with computing after W95 was released). After checking some of the software docs today I'm not certain that the app runs in a window. Minimum system requirements specifiy dos5.0 or 6.0 (6.0 or higher prefered). The installation cd is labled for "Windows 95". The app is launched from an icon on the W95 desktop. This afternoon I booted the box in dos and launched the app. It loaded as usual but ran quite slow.

Can you tell from the above information if the app normally runs in a window. I've been told that if it is not there may be no way to network as we'd like.

Thanks again,

3. RE: Network and Dos App
lbyard Nov-15-00 05:58 PM
In response to message 2
Tin, It must be a DOS app if it executes from a bootup DOS prompt and does not run Windows before loading. One can put an icon in Windows to run a DOS app in a Windows DOS window. You might want to right click the icon and look at its properties, and play with the Program and Screen settings. I presume you have two licenses for the software. If so, I would call the software vendor and see if they can help with the problem. Larry

4. RE: Network and Dos App
Tinknocker Nov-16-00 00:05 AM
In response to message 3
Thanks Larry, I'll give your suggestions a try if I can ever find the time to get out of the shop back in the office.


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