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win 98se network slow in one direction
flacco Nov-16-00 05:03 PM
i have 2 machines networked into a linksys hub which is in turn linked to a DSL modem.

both machines have an equally fast internet connection, which implies to me that there is no physical network problem. machine A sees the drives easily on machine B and can view them quickly. B however, takes forever to open the drives on A but can eventually open documents. B can print to A's printer at a reasonable speed.

both have tcp/ip, ipx/spx, netbui, MS networking installed. drives on both are mapped and sharing parameters all seem correct.

i have installed and reinstalled protocols and tried everything else i can think of.

any ideas?

1. RE: win 98se network slow in one direction
lbyard Nov-16-00 06:25 PM
In response to message 0
What versions of Windows do you have installed on the computers? If the answer is 95 for the fast computer, try right-clicking the network neighborhood, select properties, click the Access control tab, and select user access control. You may want to upgrade Windows on that computer. Mapping the drives may also solve the problem. Larry

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