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Unable to view either computer on network
Kris Nov-19-00 06:28 AM
Using the guide from this web site, I set up my two home computers identical to each other.
After I had finished and rebooted them both I was not able to view either of the computers on either network.
I know next to nothing about networking so any help would be appreciated.

1. Can't See Network - Log In?
swarren47 Nov-19-00 07:12 AM
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LAST EDITED ON Nov-19-00 AT 07:16 AM (GMT)

Sometimes it's the simple stuff...If you assigned a password when setting up the networked computer's shared resources i.e., drives, printers, don't forget to log in with the password(s)at start up. I networked my computers and saw them in the the "network neigborhood." I shut down, restarted and the network was GONE. After working for hours reconfiguring the network, I found that I simply forgot to log in. Hope this helps.

2. RE: Can't See Network - Log In?
Kris Nov-20-00 11:33 PM
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Thanks swarren47. It was the simple stuff.
I had been using the wrong type of cable ...

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