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Net Cable Security
luis Nov-20-00 11:50 PM
I've access by net Cable (From a cable TV provider) , 24 h a day, and I like to know a form to have a security, to people from other computers come in my machine!! (I use windows Me) I think some extra people come in my machine, because is open a small window with a message, says Claudia XX have open a files and if I close this is disconnected.
Please help me to have no more problems of security like this???
Is possible people use or copy files from my machine?
Is possible use a security to resolve this problems?

1. RE: Net Cable Security
therealcableguy Nov-21-00 11:07 AM
In response to message 0
Definitely possible for people to see your computer!You need some software protection such as Black Ice or Zone Alarm.This will assist in hiding your PC from intruders.Zone Alarm is good and its free for personal use.I have included the link.Click below.


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