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ISDN rj11 to rj45 cable?
BillP Nov-25-00 00:36 AM
Can someone point me to a posting or website that shows how to make an RJ11 to Rj45 cable? I have cables, crimpers, plugs, etc. and have made cat5 cables before, but I don't know the correct wire locations for the rj45 end.

I have set up ISDN and it comes in over the regular phone outlet (rj11). I need to connect it to my Netopia router, which is rj45.

Thank you!

1. RE: ISDN rj11 to rj45 cable?
lbyard Nov-27-00 04:47 PM
In response to message 0
This might be helpful: http://www.landfield.com/faqs/LANs/cabling-faq/section-20.html. I haven't had time to really study it, but it appears to me that you may be able to take a regular 'ol phone cord with RJ11 plugs on both ends and plug it into the RJ11 jack on the wall and the RJ45 jack on your router. Do this at your own risk! Let us know what worked, OK? Larry

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