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Networking problem on win2k
gReg Nov-29-00 05:23 PM
i'm connected to pretty large lan (about 100 users divided into 3 4 groups) and i have some problems
1)Is it possible to share some folders in the network without login on my comp (without requiring password)- at the moment everyone who wants to see my shared resources is asked for password.
2) the strange thing is that when i launch the system at first i see only my group
after 5 minuts second one, it takes 20-30 minuts before i can explore whole lan

tnx for any help

ps sorry for my poor english

1. RE: Networking problem on win2k
lbyard Nov-29-00 08:13 PM
In response to message 0
One must login into Windows (I presume your are running some version of Windows?) or the Client for Microsoft Networks to network on a Microsoft network. Once logged into a peer-to-peer workgroup, one does not have to specify a password to access a shared resource unless it is password-protected by the owner of that resource. Open the Windows Explorer, right-click the shared drive, etc. in question, Properties, Sharing and see if you have password access implemented.

I would suggest talking to the person in charge of your network. He or she may have a quick answer to your problem. Whereas I would have to know much more about your network to answer it. Larry

2. RE: Networking problem on win2k
gReg Nov-30-00 09:35 AM
In response to message 1
tnx for help
i managed to solve the problem by enabling guest account.

more info about my lan:
about 100 user (4 groups)
one server
most people runs win95/98
i'm running win2k
10Mb connection to internet -server is using some kind of firewall

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