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gaming between winME boxes using Xover
mako_oni Nov-30-00 06:53 PM
Ive got two machines running winME both are using IPX and TCPIP protocols. 10mb Card
One has a NE2000 compatable nic
the other Realtek rtl8139a compatable card
using 10m Xcrossover

Under IPX
Ethernet II is forced
NetBios disabled

DHCP disabled

Under Normal winME operation files can be shared and the computers can see each other on the network. In Quake 3 you can see the server, but when you tried to join the game the machine hangs.

1. RE: gaming between winME boxes using Xover
lbyard Nov-30-00 08:09 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Nov-30-00 AT 08:10 PM (GMT)

See if http://www.3dgw.com/guides/q3a/ helps. Did it? Larry

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