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office network and email
dajabrod Dec-02-00 04:16 PM
We have a small peer2peer network (5 machines) in our office. We are getting DSL and am using a router for internet access. How do we set up email for each machine? Everyone needs to have their own email address. We need to email each other and outside the network. Any help is appreciated.

1. RE: office network and email
lbyard Dec-02-00 07:34 PM
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Order additional E-Mail boxes from your ISP or you could get free e-mail accounts, which are available from many sources, for four of the users. Then set-up Outlook on each of the computers for the respective accounts. You would need a server with a mail system to send E-Mail directly over the local area network, but with DSL, a router, and only 5 computers, sending E-Mail between people on the LAN via the Internet should not be a problem. Larry

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