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dialing isp randomly
spam'n'egger Dec-12-00 06:36 AM
off a fresh install of win98se (and latest (LT539) modem drivers) I just installed ICS. Oddly, the machine now dials up the internet connection -- seemingly at random. I'm at a loss how this got started. Does this have to do with ICS? task scheduler? I dunno.

btw - lurked here for some months before I finally had a problem I couldn't find - thanks for all the problems you all have already helped me with!

2. RE: dialing isp randomly
lbyard Dec-12-00 04:14 PM
In response to message 0
Outlook could be periodically checking for Internet mail. Check mail server settings. Active desktop could be trying to synchronize. Check Display Properties (right-click desktop), Web. Larry

3. RE: dialing isp randomly
spam'n'egger Dec-13-00 06:57 PM
In response to message 2
tx for the suggestions, Larry. I've uninstalled Outlook Express and do not have active desktop in play (as far as I can tell from Display Properties). Still, the machine dials on at its pleasure (and not mine, since it's my only phone line - hehe).

I know this is going to turn out to be some dumb oversight on my part, but I'm perplexed so far. The machine will just dialup at approx. 5 min intervals.

More info:
- 2 Win98se machines w/ critical updates and service packs installed - neither with Outlook or active desktop.
- ICS over TCP network
- umm, everything with latest drivers and no apps installed yet (save WinZip, TweakUI, AMD drivers)
- Lucent WinModem (MDP7800U w/ 539 drivers)
- TNT video
- Aureal soundcard

4. RE: dialing isp randomly
lbyard Dec-13-00 07:09 PM
In response to message 3
Windows critical update checking Microsoft for updates? Seems too frequent for that function… Run msconfig and start turning off stuff one item at a time. I’d be curious to know what is causing the problem. I get this question once and a while. Larry

5. RE: dialing isp randomly
spam'n'egger Dec-14-00 02:07 AM
In response to message 4
mtask.exe, aka Scheduling Agent appears to have been the culprit. Disabled it from within msconfig menu and the autodial bug *seems* to be gone.

Again, many thanks Larry!!

6. RE: dialing isp randomly
spam'n'egger Dec-15-00 03:23 PM
In response to message 4
well, that didn't really fix it. my journey continues. Just tried a(nother) fresh install of win98 with an even more minimal setup (partly to address some driver clutter).

still, the host dials (and also disconnects) randomly. Also, the host machine locks up when the client accesses the net. I think this may be an IRQ conflict with the video driver and the NIC (sharing #10).

will keep y'all posted when i figure it out.

7. RE: dialing isp randomly
Bedon Dec-17-00 10:30 PM
In response to message 6
I'm no expert but try opening Internet options in control panel. Open the tab "connections" and make sure that 'Never dial a connection' is ticked.
Hope it works for you!

8. RE: dialing isp randomly
GS750L Dec-19-00 06:04 AM
In response to message 7
I have the same problem. It started after I switched to Earthlink for my ISP. Their software is made for people who don't know how to set up an internet connection. They have something in the .ini files that runs in the background, and it is called "conmgr". I noticed it by doing the three finger salute (ctrl-alt-del). If I do an "end task" on conmgr it stops dialing randomly. Setting my internet properties to "never dial a connection" does not stop this thing from dialing. Only shutting down "conmgr" has worked. Maybe Spamandegger has a similar problem...

9. RE: dialing isp randomly
spam'n'egger Dec-19-00 06:49 PM
In response to message 8
GS750 & bedon - thanks for the suggestions. I'm currently trying to figure out which little proggie is triggering the dialup. I've disabled everything in internet explorer (both host & client) that could trigger an automatic connection. In addition to cntrl alt delete, I'm using Sandra to figure out what progs are running & trying to catch a dialup in the act. comedy. These machines WILL bend to my will - hehe. I'll keep y'all posted.

10. RE: dialing isp randomly
BBATES Dec-19-00 09:05 PM
In response to message 9
I had the same problem. Make sure you follow Larry's directions EXACTLY especially the part about it not being a proxy server. I had to go as far as install NETBUEI to browse the network.

12. RE: dialing isp randomly
spam'n'egger Dec-21-00 11:02 PM
In response to message 10
the app causing dialup is rnaapp.exe. Part of the networking posse. I'm trying to find the off-switch for this proggie (or perhaps delete it?)

have had other fish to fry in the interim, which has slowed me down, but everyone's suggestions have been much help troubleshooting. I'll post my results re. rnaapp.exe soon!

peace and happy holidaze,
green eggs & spam 4 all.

13. RE: dialing isp randomly
spam'n'egger Dec-21-00 11:04 PM
In response to message 12
ps - I'm also going to doublecheck the proxy settings are all off. I need to run through the article again to see where all to peek.

14. RE: dialing isp randomly
lbyard Dec-22-00 04:22 PM
In response to message 12
Do not delete RNAAPP.EXE. You will remove the software for your dial-up adapter if you do. Cardinal rule: never remove a Windows file unless you know what it is and what the impact will be if it is removed. Larry

15. RE: dialing isp randomly
spam'n'egger Dec-22-00 07:11 PM
In response to message 14
tx larry. I'll be sure to run through my non-nuclear options - hehe.

11. RE: dialing isp randomly
zen Dec-21-00 02:19 AM
In response to message 0
Had that problem ages ago, it was (I'm pretty sure) winzip or realplayer trying to get online and register or update itself.

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