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ics on win 98se
deerslayer Dec-29-00 03:25 PM

I got tired of win me and went back to 98se.
I am having trouble installing the ics. I am following your instructions,which i had no problems with before.
When I check my network components, at the bottom i do not have the "home"next to tcp/ip ( dlink ethernet adapter) and i do not have "shared" next to tcp/ip dial up adapter. Everything else looks the same. I uninstalled ics and re did it several times and still have the same problem. This worked using your guide no problems before,,, thanks

1. RE: ics on win 98se
lbyard Dec-29-00 06:06 PM
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This behavior can occur if you do not configure your Internet connection before you run the ICS Wizard. Uninstall ICS, configure the dial-up to your ISP and verify that it connects, disconnect, and reinstall ICS. Larry

2. RE: ics on win 98se
deerslayer Dec-29-00 06:35 PM
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My connection to my isp is setup and functioning properly.

Any other ideas?


3. RE: ics on win 98se
brysan Dec-30-00 03:54 AM
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i had exactly same situation. try this link http://www.practicallynetworked.com/sharing/icstour.htm

4. RE: ics on win 98se
deerslayer Dec-30-00 04:10 PM
In response to message 3
thanks, that fixed me up!

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