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I need HELP!
Slick Capone Dec-31-00 08:41 AM
When I first got my DSL modem, well, it wasn't working. I thought it had to do with my 3Com ethernet card. I uninstalled it (now I regret doing it) and thought I should have the comp. shut down and have the plug 'N' play take care of the rest for me. Well I got everything all done. It wasn't the ethernet card. It had turned out that the 14's (DSL) have software probs. So now I don't have my 3Com software no more just because of that. It was a great firewall. NOBODY COULD'VE gotten through that. I had went to web sites to probe and the results were awesome. They had said I had one of the best firewalls they've ever seen. Well now I'm wondering where and how I can get that software again? The 3Com had a blue logo. Its name is, "3Com DunamicAccess" The logo was blue. And there was 2 tabs. 1 was the main one, you could disable it and enable it. It had bunch of check boxes. Next to check boxes there were those high quality stuff. If you want high quality on this please click this etc....And the 2nd tab had Fast IP. If you selected it. It said please notify your ISP about this....etc....before turning this on. It was just going to change my IP address (fast). I loved it, now that I have the real deal (DSL), it sucks not having it around n e more.
Please help me!

P.S. I need to know where I can get that software!

1. RE: I need HELP!
lbyard Dec-31-00 12:29 PM
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Try here: http://buydirect.3com.com/iom_dcms/b2c/catalog/family.html?&category=Network%20Management&family=Desktop%20Management%20Tools&PR=&SM=&iNum=2. Larry

2. RE: I need HELP!
Slick Capone Jan-02-01 08:21 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Jan-02-01 AT 08:36 PM (GMT)

Thanks. But I hope you read the whole thing above ^! Because I am not talking about boot/I'm talking about the firewall software. My ethernet card works fine, but I don't have the software to do stuff with.

I hope this helps!
My 3Com is a 3Com Fast EtherLink XL 10/100Mb TX Ethernet NIC (3C9058-TX)
The thing is that I don't have the software anymore. I took it off and now I'm softwareless LOL. I just need the software that has the firewall in it and etc...the ethernet is working just fine but working softwareless!

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