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Network and Sharing Problem - Please Help
inferno Jan-06-01 04:44 AM
Okay - I just switched to Cable Internet from DSL. So i have a cable modem, a pc with 2 nics, a pc with 1 nic, a linksys hub.

Computer 1 with 2 nics is set as Client for Microsoft Networks, with a IPX, TCP, and NetBeui installed for each card.

Computer 2 with 1 nic card is set to Client for Microsoft Networks, with a IPX, TCP, and NetBeui installed for it's card.

I am using Wingate as my ICS software

The main PC is plugged into port 1 on the hub. The secondary pc is plugged into port 2. The Uplink, 3, 4, and 5 slots are open on the hub.

The main pc can browse through the Network Neighborhood fine with good speed and it's internet connection works fine.

The secondary pc takes for every to browse the network - it hangs while browsing and takes almost 60 seconds to find the two computers. The Wingate server is not detected through it.

What can I be doing wrong. It was all working fine (until the secondary from Windows Family login to Client for Microsoft Networks - i tried changing it back and it created all the problems from above)

Please help - thanks!

1. RE: Network and Sharing Problem - Please Help
lbyard Jan-06-01 06:18 AM
In response to message 0
Try uninstalling and reinstalling everything network on the slow computer. This often fixes otherwise unexplainable problems. Do you need all of those protocols? Larry

2. RE: Network and Sharing Problem - Please Help
inferno Jan-06-01 06:25 AM
In response to message 1
I really don't know what i need - i know we use to have problems when we were set to "windows family logon" unless we had all those protocols installed. So - if you could tell me what to install exactly to make it work - that would be great!!


3. RE: Network and Sharing Problem - Please Help
lbyard Jan-06-01 06:30 AM
In response to message 2
LAST EDITED ON Jan-06-01 AT 06:31 AM (GMT)

Unless you have a game or other program that requires IPX/SPX you should be able to operate with just TCP/IP. There have been cases, however, where NetBEUI was required in addition to TCP/IP. My computer is networked and has only TCP/IP installed. I am calling it a night. Larry

4. RE: Network and Sharing Problem - Please Help
markus Jan-18-01 01:45 AM
In response to message 3
hi im new here,im haveing the same problem,kinda of..what i want,ok i have 4 pcs,2 are mine,and i have a linksys befsr41 4 port router.what i want to know,my main pc i have hooked up directly to my cable modem.

and that pc has 2 nic cards,what probs im haveing is my connection drops out alot.what i wanta know i read somewhere this can be done,hook the one nic to my modem,the second nic hook it to my router,not sure if its the uplink or wan port..

also the settings im not sure how to set them.the first card is on automatc to obtain my ip,the second card is installed,but i didn't try anything yet.this way i can have 1 pc hooke direct,and from that second nic to my router,then go from there and hook the rest thhrough my router.

also can i use cat 5 patch cables there called,or do i need a crossover cable?sorry for all the questions.any help would be great:)thanks

5. RE: Network and Sharing Problem - Please Help
ProtoStar Jan-18-01 03:50 AM
In response to message 4
LAST EDITED ON Jan-18-01 AT 04:04 AM (GMT)

Hi Markus,
If I am getting you right, you want to hook up 4 computers to use your cablem modem but you only have a 4 port router! Am I right?
If I am right, then the easiest wayto do this is to run win98SE on the computer with 2 nics. Install ICS (Internet connection sharing, included with Win98SE). This will ask you which nic card to use for the internet and which one to use for your internal network. Make sure that you are running TCP/IP and give the computer a static IP
Don't use the client installation disk, just add the ICS computers IP as a new gateway on the client computers and have them obtain an IP dynamically. The rest is fairly basic, let me know if you need any more help!

6. RE: Network and Sharing Problem - Please Help
inferno Jan-18-01 05:33 AM
In response to message 5
I never posted a response to my own message - but I finally got everything working. Here is what I had to do. Every NIC has these protocols installed, TCP/IP - NetBeui - IPX/SPX. I needed them all - don't ask why but it's the only way i could get it to work. The main computer is set to "Client for Microsoft Networks" the clients are set to "Windows Family Logon." Once again - don't ask why - that's the only way it would work. I never could get the ICS software to work with windows. But Wingate worked well for me. I've been moving new computers into the network all the time - and it works just fine. If i get a chance i'll put a link to my setup process.

7. RE: Network and Sharing Problem - Please Help
lbyard Jan-18-01 05:57 PM
In response to message 6
LAST EDITED ON Jan-18-01 AT 05:59 PM (GMT)

You shouldn't need the family login, unless multiple people are using the same computer…

“Microsoft Family Logon is a network client included with Internet Explorer 4.0 and 4.01 that provides a simplified way of logging on to Windows 95/98 using profiles. If you install this client, when you start your computer a dialog box containing a list of users that have been configured to use the computer appears. You can then select your name in the dialog box, type the password for your profile, and then click OK to load your personal settings.”

Perhaps you were not logging into Windows or Microsoft Networking. You have to logon to network. See http://duxcw.com/faq/network/nopsswd.htm for the solution to that problem. Unless you need IPX/SPX for specific programs such as games or you have a Novell server, TCP/IP should be the only protocol that is needed. One must have one of the NetBIOS protocols installed to do Microsoft networking. The NetBIOS protocols are: TCP/IP, NetBEUI, and IPX/SPX. If TCP/IP does not work by itself, go to Start, Setting, Control Panel, Network, select the instance of TCP/IP bound to the network adapter for your local network, Properties, Bindings and be sure the Client for Microsoft Networks and File and Printer Sharing check boxes are checked. They should not be checked for any network adapters used to connect to the Internet. To browse a Microsoft network neighborhood/My network Places with Windows 95/98/98 SE/Me, the following requirements must be met:

1. You must login to Windows or Microsoft Networking.
2. The computer must have a unique computer name.
3. All of the computers should have the same workgroup name.
4. If File and Printer Sharing is not enabled and not listed in Network Configuration on other workstations then you will not
be able to view that machine in Network Neighborhood.
5. If the above requirements have been met and you still don’t see the other computers in the Network Neighborhood, try setting the Browse Master enabled on one computer and disabled on another in Start, Setting, Control Panel, Network, File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks, Properties. A computer that is infrequently on should not be set as a browse master.
6. Try deleting and reentering the computer and Workgroup names. All caps with no “funny” characters are best for these names.

8. RE: Network and Sharing Problem - Please Help
markus Jan-18-01 06:18 PM
In response to message 7
first of all,sorry inferno,i prob should have made a new post,theres so many simular post,figured i would add my question here.and thanks heather for the info:)

you got it right,what i meant is i want 1 pc directly hooked to my cable modem,thats the first nic,then the second nic,run it to my router,not sure if you hook it up to my uplink port or the wan port,from the second nic,in the same pc.that solves my problems hooking one pc direct to my cable modem.

and then run from the second nic,strait to my routers,either its the uplink port or my wan port.then the rest will be easy,i'll check it what you told me,wanted to make it clearer what i want to do..

use 1 pc with 2 nics,prob would be a gateway,or a sever.it would have to be left online for the others to work,which is no problem.each pc has 1 nic,3 of them do,and my main pc has 2 nics.i wanta run from my second nic to my router,then from my router to my other pc's.

sorry for the long msg,i keep hearing about crossover cables,which i don't have,i have regualr cables cat 5 patch cables,just short ones..guess thats it.with out makeing this msg longer.i was tryin to make it clearer for ya.i wanta use my regular cat 5 cables,and not a crossover cable,unless you think i need one.thanks for all the help:)

9. RE: Network and Sharing Problem - Please Help
ProtoStar Jan-18-01 06:36 PM
In response to message 8
No you do not need to use a crossover cable, they are only needed when you are directly connecting two computers together without a hub.
Yes, by doing it this way you will have to have the host computer running for the others to access the internet. Connect the computers to the hub just as a normal network. I would suggest that you have your network up and running first before you try to connect to the cable modem, that way it is easier to troublshoot.

10. RE: Network and Sharing Problem - Please Help
ProtoStar Jan-18-01 06:45 PM
In response to message 9
Hey Markus,
Just curious but why do you have to have one computer hooked up to the internet directly? Why not have the cable modem plugged directly into the wan port and share the connection that way?
Just a thought,

11. RE: Network and Sharing Problem - Please Help
lbyard Jan-18-01 06:49 PM
In response to message 8
Why do you want to connect your PC directly to the cable MODEM with a second NIC? To solve a problem with the ISP or MODEM? Larry

12. RE: Network and Sharing Problem - Please Help
markus Jan-19-01 01:02 AM
In response to message 11
thanks for all the help heather and larry.very much apretiated.reason why i wanta do this,because my connection drops out alot.thats why,if im surfing the web,or downloading stuff,etc it cuts out to much,with it hooked directly to my cable modem.i have no problems at all..

so thats why im doingf it this way,ive tryed firmware upgrade change settings,with no luck.ive heard this problem is common,which sucks.pay all that money,even though i didn't buy it,my sister did..it should work like its claimed to be:)

thats why i asked if it can be done:)ive heard it will work with 2 nics.yeah it will bew apain to set up.it shouldn't be that hard.i just wanted some input,thanks again for the advice")this forum is great,never seen a forum this good before..cyas:)

13. RE: Network and Sharing Problem - Please Help
lbyard Jan-19-01 03:30 PM
In response to message 12
I would try some more to solve the drop-out problem. What do you have for a router, cable MODEM, NIC, and ISP?

14. RE: Network and Sharing Problem - Please Help
markus Jan-20-01 00:44 AM
In response to message 13
this damm thing i take time to reply,everyuthing gets nuked,i was alomost done.it dissapeared what i wrotesecond time it did it.now im starting a thrid time writeing.i have a surfboard modem,and its not the modem,it works fine when the modem is hooked direct..its a surfboard sb3100

15. RE: Network and Sharing Problem - Please Help
markus Jan-20-01 00:47 AM
In response to message 14
anyways thanks for all the help bro's:)i'll try it out what you said,and let ya know,once i gfet the 1 pc up,i can screw around with changeing router settings,etc,without haveing to shut the modem off,hopely solvw my problem.thats why im hooking one direct,so i can test diff saettings,etc.while being online,i can serach around,more here,this is the best page ive ever seen for gettingf help:)

16. Networking Problems
Rafterman Feb-02-01 09:20 AM
In response to message 0
We are having major problems getting our second computer to share internet connection.

Currently we have

1 PC, two logins connected to SB3100 modem (internet connection works)

TCP/IP installed
NetBeui installed
Ethernet Cards (two) installed and working

2nd PC connected to first through crossover cable. This PC can connect to first through the network, can share files and printing BUT (and here's the problem) we can not get it to access the internet.

So far we have reinstalled the ethernet card, changed all setting on both systems, reinstalled cards and settings on both but to no avail.

Any ideas? Suggestion?


17. RE: Networking Problems
lbyard Feb-02-01 03:09 PM
In response to message 16
What software are you using to share the Internet? If it is Win 98 SE or Me ICS, have you reviewed http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/network/win98se_cab/intro.htm. Open a DOS window an see if
gets a response.
If that works, try to borswe to
If that works and http://duxcw.com/ does not work, you have a DNS setting problem. Larry

18. RE: Networking Problems
Rafterman Feb-02-01 11:06 PM
In response to message 17
We're using Win98 2nd addition on both computers.

I can ping and - however I can not browse or http://duxcw.com (server not found error)

If this is a DNS setting problem, do you have any idea what I could try to correct it?

20. RE: Networking Problems
lbyard Feb-04-01 07:59 PM
In response to message 18
If there are DNS settings on the host at Start, Settings, Control Panel, Network, the instance of TCP/IP for the network adapter used for the Internet Connection, Properties, DNS settings, duplicate them on the client. If not, try to obtain the IP addresses for the primary and secondary DNS servers from your ISP account documentation or from your ISPs web site. Many ISPs have DHCP servers that issue the DNS IPs automatically. Larry

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