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Question on MS office 2000
MaMister Jan-27-01 06:50 AM
I have this pc in my office that has two user profile. I installed office 2000 using one profile a and it works fine. But if I log in using profile b, office 2000 won't work! I can see the icon but just won't start....anyone can help me? Thanks.

1. RE: Question on MS office 2000
lbyard Jan-27-01 07:43 AM
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It is functioning as it was designed... If you want to use Office 2000 while logged into the other profile, install it while logged into the other profile. Larry

“User Profiles Turned On and Start Menu Is Per-User

If you have User Profiles turned on, and the Start menu is not being shared among all users (you select the Include Start menu and Program groups in user settings check box on the User Profiles tab of the Password Properties dialog box), any user can install Office.

When Office is installed in this configuration, the following occurs:

· Office shortcuts - installed to the Windows\Profiles\<username>\Start Menu\Programs folder.

· SourceList key - created in the registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Installer\Products\{GUID}

· {Office GUID} folder - created at Windows\Profiles\<username>\Application Data\Microsoft\Installer.

In this configuration, however, each user who logs on must run Setup for Office. This includes users with existing profiles and users who log on for the first time. This is because the above three items are all written to the specific profile locations for the user who installed Office. When another user logs on, none of the relevant registry information or shortcuts exist for them. Even if you turn off User Profiles, at least one user must install Office--even if that user already installed Office when Profiles were turned on.”

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