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ICS after Win98SE re-installation
rh71 May-11-00 11:38 PM
Had ICS perfectly working on my peer-to-peer. However, after re-installing WIN98SE over the old C:\WINDOWS folder, I read that it does something to the registry (not purposely) that confuses the client computer. It doesn't know which reg entry to use for ICS.

I remember there being a site for this problem. They pointed out exactly what to delete in the registry. If nothing else, can you guys help me out with some sites? Thanks!

1. RE: ICS after Win98SE re-installation
lbyard May-12-00 00:14 AM
In response to message 0
If you installed the Win 98 SE on the host, go into the Control Panel, double click Add/Remove Programs, Windows Setup, Internet Tools, uncheck Internet Connections Sharing, and Restart Windows when prompted. After restarting, go back and check Internet Connection Sharing and step through the Wizard. If you still have a problem with the client, click Start, Run, enter winipcfg, select the network adapter in the Ethernet Adapter Information Box, click Release, click Renew, click OK, and see if it picks-up the IP address. If it does, it should work. You can check the network from the client by Start, Programs, MS-DOS Prompt, and typing "ping" without the quotes at the DOS prompt. That is the IP of the ICS host. Be sure the Use Proxy Server checkbox is not checked in IE (see http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/network/win98se/client.htm). Netscape settings are also on that page. If you still have a problem go to: http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q238/1/35.ASP?LN=EN-US&SD=gn&FR=0. I plan to write my own trouble-shooting guide when time permits. Larry

2. RE: ICS after Win98SE re-installation
rh71 May-12-00 00:24 AM
In response to message 1
Thanks for taking the time to explain that in detail. Actually, I figured it out before I came back here... what I did was uninstall ICS thru Add/Remove, and removed both NIC adapters as well as the TCP/IP bindings. Then just basically started from fresh that way.

I noticed in the registry, there are 4 almost identical entries. I'm sure they're result of my install/uninstall tries from before... it's using the correct entry now, since the client computer works now... as long as it works, that's all I like

But again, thanks for your help.

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