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Mac Address
hvy duty Feb-09-01 02:26 PM
Hope someone can help Have a SB3100 Cable Modem is there a way to get the mac address without being online I know you can get it online with address of but I cant get on line without the address could I take the modem apart and would it be inside somewhere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

1. RE: Mac Address
lbyard Feb-09-01 07:27 PM
In response to message 0
Are you saying the cable MODEM has married itself to a network adapter's MAC address and you can't access the cable MODEM because you don't have that adapter? Exactly what is the problem? Maybe there is anothe solution... Tearing the MODEM apart isn't going to fix it. Larry

2. RE: Mac Address
hvy duty Feb-10-01 09:08 PM
In response to message 1
Sorry Larry Maybe I didn't explain it right. The mac address is missing from the back of this modem I bought it at auction (bad move) but without the mac address the cable company won't install it even though they could get online and get the address. they say the want the mac address to put in there router and they don't get it for you. Of course they want you to use there's at $10.00 per month. I thought maybe there was a way to get the mac from the modem without being online. Like winipcfg will give you the erthernet adapter address without being on line. thanks

3. How to Determine a Cable MODEM's Mac Address
lbyard Feb-12-01 05:27 PM
In response to message 2
You owe me one… The MAC address on my SB2100D cable MODEM is on a sticker on the back of the MODEM... If the sticker is missing and the ISP needs the MAC address to turn-on cable Internet service, try this:

I turned-off and disconnected everything from my SB2100D cable MODEM, SMC Barricade router, cable, phone line (it is a one-way cable system with a dial-up uplink) and let is sit for several minutes. I then connected my PC directly to the cable MODEM and turned on the cable MODEM. I did not reconnect the cable and phone line. I shut-down and power-cycled my PC, ran Start, Run, winipcfg, and released and renewed the IP address. It picked-up192.168.100.x. I then opened a DOS Window and typed:
arp -a
The MAC address for IP, the cable MODEM, was then displayed.
Let us know if this works for you, OK? Larry

4. RE: How to Determine a Cable MODEM's Mac Address
hvy duty Feb-12-01 11:35 PM
In response to message 3
Boy thats promising larry that is the IP for surfboard when you are on line it tells you all the information for that modem you are using. I didnt know it would do it off line, I disconnected the cable modem the one from the cable company and hooked the 3100 its a D model has a uplink phone line but it is a two way cable modem. plugged the ethernet cable connection in the modem left off the the cable connection. rebooted,winipcfg and it came up with my cable IP and none of the renew,release, etc were available they were grayed out. If I put in the IP in my tcp/ip where the IP for the ISP is would that work than change it back after I get the address for the modem. Larry you sure come up with the information how do you get it all. Thanks John

5. RE: How to Determine a Cable MODEM's Mac Address
lbyard Feb-13-01 00:56 AM
In response to message 4
Dunno if it will work. Larry

6. RE: How to Determine a Cable MODEM's Mac Address
lbyard Feb-13-01 01:06 AM
In response to message 4
Try browsing to and then running the DOS command. Larry

7. RE: How to Determine a Cable MODEM's Mac Address
hvy duty Feb-14-01 02:21 AM
In response to message 6
larry the other 3100 modem that is hooked up I unhooked it and used your instructions it came up perfect. both addresses showed up with the dos command. It must be the modem is bad I am going to have it checked. The info you gave will sure be helpful and I do owe you one. Putting in the cable Modem IP for my ISP IP in the TCP settings didn't work. Thanks Larry you have really been helpful. Thats no suprise though. Thanks Again

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