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firewall with smc barricade
wayne2th Feb-10-01 11:16 PM
Question is, after doing the basic setup for my 4 port barricade router, is the firewall in place, or do I need to actually set the firewall up and define it, or what? And if so, where do I begin. Thanks Steve

1. RE: firewall with smc barricade
jonesy Feb-12-01 05:46 AM
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LAST EDITED ON Feb-12-01 AT 05:53 AM (GMT)

As soon as you are up and running so is the firewall. I have doorstop firewall before I had the barricade, and since it has been added I haven't had a single access attempt. I now wish I had the barricade first, then I wouldn't have had to buy the doorstop software. So start using the barricade and feel safe. chris.............

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