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Questions about cabling for UTP, power, telephone
leo May-14-00 04:21 PM

1, When running the UTP Cat5 cable with power line and telephone line in parallel inside the wall, how many inch do they need to keep away from one another?

2, When running the cables inside the wall for power, UTP Cat5, and telephone, should the parallel order be power cable, UTP cable, and telephone line?

3, When running the cables inside the wall to the wallplates for power, UTP Cat5, and telephone, can all the wallplates be placed very very closely? Is there any distance they need to keep apart from one another? Since I heard that power cable will affect telephone line directly, so UTP cable should be running out to the middle wallplate. Is it true?

4, Can telephone line be placed together with UTP Cat5 cable in the same pathway inside the wall till a wallplate which provides RJ45 and RJ11? Will telephone line produce EMI to UTP cable?

Thanks a million for any help!!!


1. voice, data and power lines
cat5j May-14-00 07:38 PM
In response to message 0
hello, here are some answers for you. you should always keep the a/c as far away as possible from your voice and data lines. the a/c should be in some sort of conduit or greenfield ( flexible conduit) you should try and run the voice and data thru some sort of conduit also. you can run them together. as long as the a/c is in conduit, you can place the voice and data outlet next to it, but they should really go on each side of the stud if possible. you should also place both voice and data in the same outlet/ faceplate.a/c will effect both voice and data lines if run too close.jay

2. RE: voice, data and power lines
leo May-15-00 11:10 AM
In response to message 1

Thanks so much for your information and this very helpful forum!!!


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