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Deleting Clients that no longer exist
stevetag Feb-13-01 08:22 PM
Larry, I have a client that has a Win 98 peer to peer workgroup and his staff and computers have changed over the years.

We have two computers showing up in Network neighberhood that no longer exist, the clients are no longer connected.

I can't seem to find out to stop them from appearing in the neigborhood.

Any ideas?


1. RE: Deleting Clients that no longer exist
lbyard Feb-14-01 09:47 PM
In response to message 0
The network browse list(s) has a problem… A Windows network has a computer, which is the browse master that maintains a browse list for the network. Try going into Start, Settings, Control Panel, Network, select File and Printer Sharing (not the botton), Properties, Advanced, and disable the Browse Master on all of the computers. Shutdown and power-off all of the computers. Bring one up at a time, enable the Browse Master, and restart Windows. It may take up 45 minutes for all of the computers to be established again in the Network Neighborhood. Hopefully this will build a new list. I’d like to know if this works. Larry

2. RE: Deleting Clients that no longer exist
stevetag Feb-22-01 11:31 AM
In response to message 1
Larry, that worked, thanks, my network now only shows what has been connected and changed (Identification) in my most recent tweaking.


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