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Hard to crimp "three-footed" RJ45, especially the 8th Contact
leo May-15-00 03:29 PM

I'm new to crimp UTP cable, and I've just bought a crimper to do so. I found that it's easy to crimp two-footed RJ45. However, I'm scratching
my head in making "three-footed" RJ45, since the 8th Contact cannot frequently be crimped. When I crimp the "three-footed" RJ45, I firstly hear some click sound. When I've done it, I can only see that the 8th Contact seems doing nothing. I see that the brown wire has not been crimped, and the "three-footed" "golden iron" touches only a little bit to the brown wire. I use cable tester to test it, yes, it works.

My question is that is the "three-footed" RJ45 hard to complete easily and especially the 8th Contact?

Appreciate for any help!


1. RE: Hard to crimp
lbyard May-15-00 03:53 PM
In response to message 0
The untwisted part of the cable, which goes into the RJ-45, must not be longer than 1/2" and should be slightly shorter. The end has to be cut square. You have to use the correct RJ-45 for the type of wire you are using. There are RJ-45's for solid wire, RJ-45's for stranded wire, and RJ-45ís that can be used for both kinds of wire. A stranded cable should not be longer than 3 meters. The brown wire is not used, but if it isn't in the RJ-45 correctly, the end is not properly prepared/installed. Try inserting the wire in the RJ-45 and removing it again without crimping to see if the ends of all of the wires are still even. Trim if necessary, but remember the 1/2" rule. Just keep trying; it takes some practice. Larry

2. RE: Hard to crimp
leo May-17-00 00:05 AM
In response to message 1
Thank you Larry! I'll try to practice more and more.


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