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coax cable surge protection issue
wayne2th Feb-17-01 04:42 PM
Hi, Was wondering if anyone knew of any connection issues when using a surge protector in the following scenario: I have the cable from the street pass through the Stratitec S4200MS multimedia surge protector (Coax In/out) before it then goes to my Toshiba PCX1100 cable modem. My ISP is ATT Broadband (MediaOne).

I've been experiencing intermittent loss of my internet connection. Now that I bypassed the surge protector, so that the cable comes from the street and goes directly to the cable modem, the connection seems more stable. Anyone care to shed some light? Thanks, Steve

1. RE: coax cable surge protection issue
lbyard Feb-17-01 05:30 PM
In response to message 0
If that “surge protector is on the outside of the building it may be there for lightning protection. I wouldn’t mess with it. Plenty of people get cable MODEM dropouts. I get three or four a day, but I am using a one-way cable system with a dial-up MODEM uplink. I would call the cable company and have them check the signal level on the cable. Larry

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