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Can ICS work w/ internal DSL modem?
janp76 Feb-24-01 07:41 AM
I'm thinking of sharing internet w/ my other computer but I have an internal DSL modem. Will it work? I've heard somewhere that it works only w/ the external modem? Maybe I'm wrong?.....Thanx

1. RE: Can ICS work w/ internal DSL modem?
lbyard Feb-25-01 04:03 PM
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It should work if the DSL MODEM shows-up as a network adapter, like a dial-up adapter, etc., in the Network Properties in the Control Panel. ICS generally will not work with internal one-way cable MODEMs, and that may be what you heard about. Larry

2. RE: Can ICS work w/ internal DSL modem?
pudley4 Feb-28-01 06:30 PM
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I have an internal dsl modem (Intel 2100 ProDslModem) and ICS works fine for me. Both computers have win98 SE and Linksys Ethernet Adapters.

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