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SMC Barricade 7004BR & HP Deskjet Printers
copperpipe2 Mar-01-01 07:57 PM
I just hooked up my new SMC Barricade ($95 from Outpost.com - including shipping & $20 rebate) and it works fine. But I was a tiny bit discouraged to find only 1 ethernet cable in the box since others have previously reported receiving 2 cables.

One problem I've encountered is getting my HP Deskjet 720C printer to work with the printer server feature on the 7004BR. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem getting it to work with their HP deskjet printer in Windows 95 or 98. I heard about this problem before I bought the Barricade, but could not find any solution.

If all else fails, I will try disabling the bidirectional communication for my printer in Win98 to see if that will cure the problem.

1. RE: SMC Barricade 7004BR & HP Deskjet Printers
copperpipe2 Mar-02-01 04:51 PM
In response to message 0
LAST EDITED ON Mar-02-01 AT 04:52 PM (GMT)

OK, I was able to get my HP Deskjet to work by disabling the bidirectional communication. Click on Start/Settings/Printers, and select your printer, then right click the mouse and select properties. Go into Details and click on the Spool Settings button. Disable the bidirectional support for the printer there.

Just thought I'd share this tidbit of info for those minority of you who also have the Barricade and HP Deskjet printers.

3. RE: SMC Barricade 7004BR & HP Deskjet Printers
copperpipe Mar-04-01 09:38 AM
In response to message 1
I noticed one curious thing about my SMC Barricade: my Network Neighborhood properties does not show my network card being bound to TCP/IP - they are separate & appear on different lines. And when I start up Internet Explorer on one of the computers after a bootup, it does not detect the internet connection the first time and I have to click the "retry" button to get it to work. I tried winipcfg with release/renew as well as cloning MAC....as well as updating to the newest firmware R1.91. But I still have the same thing happen on the first startup for that one computer. I called SMC Tech Support about this and they suggested that I change my browser. BTW, I have Verizon Roadrunner cable service.

Oh well, other than that, the Barricade works great. A friend of mine compared his Linksys 4-port router and was a bit surprised that the Barricade manual had quite a bit more technical info.

4. New Barricade Firmware
lbyard Mar-04-01 08:07 PM
In response to message 3
Glad to see they have a new version of the Barricade firmware. Some users have reported some problems with the previous version (1.90e; but not older versions). I just installed 1.91a and it seems to be working fine. What browser are you having the problem with? Larry

5. RE: New Barricade Firmware
copperpipe Mar-05-01 08:31 AM
In response to message 4
LAST EDITED ON Mar-05-01 AT 08:38 AM (GMT)

I am not sure if it really is the browser as SMC Tech Support said it is. I'm using MS Internet Explorer 5.0.

Btw, although I fixed my printing problem, it seems that I forgot about my parallel port scanner. If I disable the bidirectional communication, the scanner won't work. So, I have to enable it before I scan documents. Fortunately, I don't scan too often. Perhaps this will give me more incentive to replace my scanner with a USB one in the future. But then, this Microtek E3+ unit is a real fine one - the scans need no adjustment/touchup at all.

I should have mentioned before that with the bidirectional communication disabled, the printer will not have some of the automated diagnostics to help you if you have a printer problem. Also, you won't get that reminder to align your print cartridge when you replace them. But these are relatively minor things to me and I can live with them.

6. RE: New Barricade Firmware
lbyard Mar-05-01 05:47 PM
In response to message 5
I would upgrade the browser to IE 5.5 (http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/default.htm). Larry

8. RE: New Barricade Firmware
copperpipe Mar-07-01 05:18 AM
In response to message 6
It is funny but it seems that after I upgraded/updated my Windows 98 SE/MS Internet Explorer 5.01 w/ Service Pack 1, the bootup problem seemed to disappear.

On another front, I was asked whether I had installed my HP printer driver prior to installing the Barricade print server. The answer to that question is that the printer driver was installed first and with it connected to the parallel port of my computer. I don't think I would be able to install the driver without the printer hooked up to the computer.

9. RE: New Barricade Firmware
lbyard Mar-07-01 03:51 PM
In response to message 8
I think you can. Larry

10. RE: New Barricade Firmware
copperpipe Mar-07-01 05:13 PM
In response to message 9
Hmm...I've never tried installing the printer without it connected to the computer. Perhaps you are right, Larry. I seem to recall that the installation process would involve checking the communication with the printer to get a successful Windows installation, but I will try it without it connected next time.

11. RE: New Barricade Firmware
brainstorm Mar-07-01 07:05 PM
In response to message 10
I have yet been able to get my Epson Stylus Color 800 to work with the Barricade. In the Barricade status screen, it asys that it is working fine, but I keep getting "unable to open file" errors in all my programs. I think that I have it all set up right- printer was previously installed on my machine and worked fine, ran the configuration software for the Barricade, hooked it up, switched the port to the all-in-one and ... tada! I can't get a darn thing to print. I've swapped the spool settings and messed with a couple other items but I can'd get anything to print (ahhhh, except if I do a test print from the printer properties- it prints!) Clueless. If anyone knows of something for me to tey, please tell!

Mark Swanson

12. RE: New Barricade Firmware
copperpipe Mar-07-01 10:48 PM
In response to message 11
What operating system are you using? Windows 98 has its own Epson printer driver. If you are using Epson's own driver (that which came with the printer), you might want to try the Windows driver, or vice-versa.

You might also want to visit the Epson web site for more ideas:


Good luck!

13. RE: New Barricade Firmware
brainstorm Mar-08-01 00:29 AM
In response to message 12
Thanks for the tips, but I've been all over Epson's site and I can't find anything to help me. I have Windows ME installed with the driver provided by MS and it has been working great when attached to the LPT port, I just get the error when I try to go through the Barricade. I downloaded the newest driver from Epson and installed it. Once again, the printer works fine when attached to the LPT port but I get the same error when attempting to hook it up to the Barricade and print. I really don't know if the Epson won't work at all through it or if I need to change something else to get it to work. THe port setting for the 'all in one' driver point to the correct IP of the router, just doens't work.
Any other hints or tips would be appreciated!


14. RE: New Barricade Firmware
copperpipe Mar-08-01 05:44 AM
In response to message 13
I would try giving SMC tech support a call - I found them to be very responsive. It's a toll free call and they are available 24hrs/7days per week.

Good luck.

15. RE: New Barricade Firmware
lbyard Mar-08-01 03:14 PM
In response to message 13
Mark, try turning off bi-directional printing. Larry

16. RE: New Barricade Firmware
brainstorm Mar-09-01 08:46 PM
In response to message 15
In the settings, you can see where the option to turn on/off bi-directional printing but it is grayed out. I've fiddled with each bios setting (ecp,epp, etc.) re-installed the drivers from both sources (win me and Epson), re-installed all in one driver for the Barricade and verified those settings. I also upgraded to the newest firmware. I will try SMC support again.... Oh well, if you guys can think of anything else, by all means let me know!
Mark Swanson

17. RE: New Barricade Firmware
copperpipe Mar-09-01 09:56 PM
In response to message 16
LAST EDITED ON Mar-09-01 AT 10:01 PM (GMT)


I don't know about Windows ME, but I could only get my printer to print from the Barricade in Win98 SE by disabling bi-directional support in Start/Settings/Printers/HP Deskjet (your specific printer)/Properties/Details/Spool Settings. I thought you had done this based on your earlier post in which you mentioned playing with the printer spool settings.

If the bidirectional support boxes are not available to be selected, I'd try to play with the other settings until you are able to select the disable bidirectional support option from there.

That's about all I can suggest.

Good luck.

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