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Cable Modem "Capping"
acurateg May-18-00 02:57 PM
I'm running Cable access through my local cable provider (unfortunately I'm in an apartment complex and don't have any choice as to my ISP for Cable access). I have heard of Cable "Capping." And that you can "Uncap" the cable modem to get higher speeds, since they are regulated. Is there any way to tell if my modem is "capped" or is this a thing of the past now that internet access is deregulated? I'm using a Com21 CP2000, provided by my ISP.

1. RE: Cable Modem
lbyard May-18-00 04:37 PM
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I don't have that MODEM. “My” SurfBoard SB2100D cable MODEM has a browser interface. Clicking Signal on the initial page pops-ups another page that says the Max bit rate is 512,000 bps. At this setting I have clocked average downloads at around 40 bps+ and 50-60 on a real good day with a fast server at the other end. Perhaps, another reader has the same MODEM you have and knows the specific answer. Larry

2. RE: Cable Modem
Crohns Jun-17-00 09:33 PM
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I am not sure how it all works but I to had really low speeds on my cable modem when I first got hooked up in the cable modem system. I would first suggest testing the actual speed. Check out this site.
<http://www.computingcentral.com/topics/bandwidth/speedtest50.asp> I went here just to get a feel of what my connection is. On a good day I run at 900 K bites/sec I can download 72 mig in less than 4 minutes. Before I used the cable modem tweak on the site below this same file took 30 minutes.
<http://www.speedguide.net/Cable_modems/cable_patches.shtml> please read all the information on this site operating system you are using. I just want to caution you that this does change one of the registry entries. So you must pick the right patch for your system. The one I used is sguide_default_9x.zip . Once you unzip it the install takes about 10 seconds. You will not see results till you restart the computer. You see there is an entry in your registry that is stuck on Phone line modem speed till you change it. Good luck

3. RE: Cable Modem
lbyard Jun-18-00 05:04 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Jun-18-00 AT 05:05 PM (GMT)

Type in the two links manually. The > in the links makes the inoperative. Interesting stuff. Larry

4. RE: Cable Modem
acurateg Jun-18-00 05:31 PM
In response to message 2
Yes, I know all about tweaking Win98, registry settings, etc. I have reached 1100 kbs on a test site before and I'm usually around 780 kbs on most sites.
That aside, I want to know how to "uncap" the modem. So far from what I've read, the only way to control the modem speeds is from the ISP. Supposedly it's all done in the ISP servers or something like that.
But, again, I have a COM 21 CP2000, so if anyone knows FOR SURE how to "uncap" this modem or how it works or whatever, please let me know.

Thanks anyway.

5. RE: Cable Modem
lbyard Jun-18-00 05:37 PM
In response to message 4
As far as I know you are correct: it's done from the ISP site. At least my CM is programmed that way. Larry

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