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internet explorer and Netscape
mrfree Mar-07-01 03:25 PM
Hey guys this is a great I am glad I found it.

I am not real techy so bare with me. I have problems accesing the web with internet explorer and Nestscape. I can make a connection with my modem however I can not pull up my home page msn or netscape. I have down loaded the latest versions of both netscape and internet explorer. I am having trouble connecting to all sites every time I try to connect to a site I get an error message cant find server. Please help me.

Thanks for your help


1. RE: internet explorer and Netscape
lbyard Mar-07-01 04:12 PM
In response to message 0
I have trouble connecting to all servers all of the time as well, and that is the nature of the Internet: not all servers are up all of the time and a path through the Internet to particular server is not available all of the time. Are there sites you cannot connect to all of the time? How often does your connection to my site (http://duxcw.com/) fail? It is very well connected to the Internet and is almost always available to most people on the Internet. I ask that question because you may be experiencing a problem with your service providerís connection to the Internet, or your local connection to your service provider. Larry

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