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Setting up a Network
lorias999 Mar-12-01 03:24 PM
I have a company that has 10 pc's that all are celeron processors and have nic cards. They need to be networked peer-to-peer (inexpensively). Other than a switch and cat5 cabling-- What else do I need to make this a smooth transition?

1. RE: Setting up a Network
lbyard Mar-12-01 05:40 PM
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One or two switches and straight-thru CAT 5 or 5e cables is all you physically need. Whether the transition is smooth or not depends on the skill and experience of the installer and some luck. 10 PCs is pushing it as far as the size of a practical, more or less trouble-free peer-to-peer network/workgroup is concerned, but it can be done. Larry

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