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Slow network going 1 direction only
ewbragg Apr-01-01 10:15 PM

I've been working on this for a few days now and have come up with nothing. I guess the first thing to do is describe my configuration.

I have 2 computers networked together using Kingston 10/100 ethernet cards and a good crossover cable.
The card models I have:
Kingston KNE110tx
Kingston KNE100tx (21140)
Kingston KNE100tx (21143)

I'm using file/print sharing.
I'm using only TCP/IP protocol and Internet Connection sharing enabled (and it's associated mess)
My computer has a modem for internet access.
My wifes computer has file and print sharing enabled, and she is sharing an HP 500 PCS printer on LPT1 (LPT port in ECP Mode).

The problem I was having was that it would take 20-30 minutes to copy a 2 meg file from one computer to the other (Only in one direction). If I was copying in the opposite direction, it would take a few seconds. It would take a few hours to copy a 70 meg file as well, so the time is related to the size of the file.

Originally I was connected through a 10baseT hub, so my cards were being limited to 10baseT speeds. I also noticed my FDX (Full duplex) light wasn't on. Since I have only 2 computers to connect, I decided to build myself a crossover cable to link the cards together directly and bypass the Hub. Nice results ... I got the 100tx connection lit up, and the FDX is now lit .. I was hoping the FDX was going to be the solution, but it didn't seem to solve anything.

I tested the same files and It's still extremely slow copying from my wifes computer to mine. But if I copy from mine to hers, it's much faster.

Please note, I still have a working network during all my attempts, just no results to solve the slow One-way-direction problem.

Now, I have 4 other network cards lying around, so I started switching them in/out, and trying different combinations thinking it might be the network cards themselves. I also tried 6 more cables I had made. I have also tried moving the network cards to all available slots and combinations, no luck.

No matter what, I always end up with a working network, but my computer continues to have some kind of bottleneck or slowdown on the receiving end.

If anybody has any ideas, I'd be eternely grateful.


Ed Bragg

1. RE: Slow network going 1 direction only
ewbragg Apr-02-01 01:34 AM
In response to message 0
Okay, I'm not sure what to say. But after posting the above message, I continued to mess around and read the rest of the messages here. I finally came across some site that recommened that NetBUI be installed for home networking ... Hey, what did I have to lose. Well, I installed NetBUI on top of what I already had on both machines, rebooted a few times for safety sake .. and it appears my SLOW problems seem to have gone away.

I'm not sure if it's a coincidence or the solution, but that's what I did .. good day all.

One happy camper ...

Ed Bragg

2. RE: Slow network going 1 direction only
lbyard Apr-02-01 03:48 PM
In response to message 1
It was probably a problem in the TCP/IP stack. See the middle of http://duxcw.com/faq/network/winsock.htm. For the record, one should be able to do Microsoft peer-to-peer networking (share files and folders, etc.) with only the TCP/IP protocol. That is the only protocol I have installed on my network of four computers and it works fine. One needs to install only one NetBIOS capable protocol to do Microsoft newtworking. The NetBIOS protocols are: TCP/IP, NetBEUI, and SPX/IPX. However, now that I have stated this, I will say that this is not the first case where installation of NetBEUI was used to fix problems like this one. Larry

3. RE: Slow network going 1 direction only
Netbanger SImon Apr-22-01 03:19 AM
In response to message 2
Incredible, I've been hunting for the last 3 days for an answer to this exact problem. However, netbeui didn't solve it for me, and I don't really want to use it anyway.

I have Kingston KNE100TX DEC 21142/3 chipset card in PC1 and a Kingston KNE100TX DEC 21140 chipset card in PC2 (just like above) and exactly the same throughput problem.

I've just added a Barricade router 4 port switch and was hoping for 100Mbps performance (well not 100Mbps, but faster than 10Mbps). Before the Barricade, I was using a 10Mbps hub (Dlink hubby) and everything was OK. However, now I get throughput from the PC with the 21140 chipped NIC of 50Mbps and 512Kbps on the PC with the 21143 chipset. Always the same way as well.

I've stripped down the network, swapped slots, cables, you name it, but the problem won't fix!

To be honest, I'm lost for anymore ideas. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Netbanger SImon

4. RE: Slow network going 1 direction only
ewbragg Apr-22-01 02:14 PM
In response to message 3
Hmmmmm. I'm starting to think the Kingston cards or drivers just might be faulty. I'm going to try 3com next go around.

5. RE: Slow network going 1 direction only
lbyard Apr-22-01 03:17 PM
In response to message 4
There’s no magic in 3COM. I have installed many Kingston cards over the years and have had very good luck with them. However, I have seen some bad ones. I have also seen some bad 3COM NICs. But the discussion is mute. Kingston is getting out of the network business. Larry

6. RE: Slow network going 1 direction only
lbyard Apr-22-01 03:24 PM
In response to message 3
Have you swapped Barricade ports? Have you tried the slow NIC in the fast machine? After all of that work, I would simply try another NIC, to rule it in or out as the source of the problem. I wouldn’t expend hours on a $20 card. Larry

7. RE: Slow network going 1 direction only
Netbanger SImon Apr-22-01 05:12 PM
In response to message 6
Thanks Larry.

Had about enough of the agro to be honest. It's just that I wanted to be sure there wasn't a quick fix solution I didn't know about before hopping over to another lot of cards.

I usually avoid cheap cheap cards as they generally die with regularity. The Kingston cards in UK are about £35 to £40 UK sterling. So quite a bit more than $20 you mention - probably equiv to around $90 to $100 for both.

Anyhow, Monday tomorrow, and so I'll order new ones (but not Kingston).

I just gave away a box of old bnc/rj45 combo 10Mbps cards, wish I'd kept them now for backups. After all, 10Mbps isn't that bad a transfer rate all said and done.

Netbanger SImon

8. RE: Slow network going 1 direction only
Netbanger SImon Apr-22-01 09:33 PM
In response to message 7
Well now I'm even more confused! This is why:

I swapped the cards around so they were in opposite PCs, then rebooted, set up adaptors again, etc., but same probably, but exactly the same, NOT in reverse as expected, so cannot be the cards as I thought!

So, I thought, maybe it is a bad cable that I keep accidently putting back, so using this logic I swapped the cables over as well. That is, I used the cable from PC2 on PC1 and vice versa. Rebooted and problem still exactly the same.

I was thinking it was the network cards and cables, but I have surely proved that it can't be. I'm glad I didn't just go and get new cards now without doing this.

So, the problem seems to be from my main PC to PC2, and it seems not to be the cards or cables. I'm at a loss.

If it helps, I am using a TYAN Trinity super socket 7 motherboard with 2MB cache and AMD K2-6 500. It has the VIA chipset. I also have a Promise Ultra100 IDE controller in slot 1 as I'm using ATA100 drives and the MB has only ATA66 ports.

Netbanger SImon

9. RE: Slow network going 1 direction only
Netbanger SImon Apr-23-01 00:00 AM
In response to message 8
Right, I've tried every variation possible, except new cards. I have tested and tested these cards, and settings, swapped them to opposite PCs, replaced cables, and connected them back through the Barricade, etc., The result is as follows, always:

Sitting at PC1, copying data > to PC2 is SLOW
Sitting at PC1, copying data < back over from PC2 is FAST

Sitting at PC2, copying data > to PC1 is SLOW
Sitting at PC2, copying data < back over from PC1 is FAST

As you can see, the problem is copying data TO a another PC, not back over from it, and that problem is on from both PCs! So the problem is very strangely directional on both PCs.

Netbanger SImon

10. RE: Slow network going 1 direction only
lbyard Apr-23-01 01:59 PM
In response to message 9
LAST EDITED ON Apr-23-01 AT 01:59 PM (GMT)

Try pulling the Promise controller. Weird problem. Larry

11. RE: Slow network going 1 direction only
Netbanger SImon Apr-23-01 11:59 PM
In response to message 10
Almost incredibly, I found the problem!

Some program I have installed has modified the RWIN and MaxMTU values in the registry. I am still trying to work out what, but I know they have because I set them myself manually. Anyhow, setting a MaxMTU of 1500 and an RWIN of 8192 got it going. I will now set up a more appropriate RWIN value.

Thankyou for your help

Netbanger SImon

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