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2pcs internet sharing
Amos Apr-08-01 09:00 AM
Here's a challenge! I have set up a network between 2 pcs, one running win98 the other win95. The network works fine but internet sharing doesn't. The win95 pc has the modem. I have set up static IP addresses for each NIC, but I obviously need to do something else as well. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

1. RE: 2pcs internet sharing
Larry_A1HUNTER Apr-08-01 04:44 PM
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i take it you are using windows 98 se go to your control panel and look under network and see if you have Internet Connection sharing in the Configuration if not you need to go to your add and remove programs and under windows setup tab look for internet tolls and click on internet sharing thne once you do this start your explore up and go to tools and internet options click on sharing and you should be abel to set it up it will want to make a floopy disk with a file on it to install on your 95 machince if you need more help or the file email me at larrya@umr.edu

3. RE: 2pcs internet sharing
lbyard Apr-08-01 05:32 PM
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If you don't have Win 98 SE or Me, see http://duxcw.com/faq/ics/waysshare.htm. Larry

4. RE: 2pcs internet sharing
danarothrock Apr-10-01 10:45 PM
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You may need to install Winsock2 on the 95. It won't know about internet sharing in original OS. I found this at www.deerfield.com under WinGate help. Be careful, follow Microsoft instructions.

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