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It comes and it goes
Camasone Apr-08-01 09:10 PM
I've been fighting with an intermittant home network connection for months. Here is the setup:

Two PC's running Win 98 SE
both with D-Link DFE-530TX 10/100 PCI NIC
Both bound to NetBEUI
Both running Client for Microsoft Networks
File and printer sharing for Microsoft Networks
Cat 5e crossover cable (Belkin yellow cable, 10')

Each computer can find the other, most of the time, sometimes with great delay.

Each computer can browse the other, but response time is quite variable, and sometime results in an error (read on).

So the Network is obviously configured right (right?), i.e. the two computers demonstrably are using the same ptotocol and have a connection.

But here is what happens:

I can copy small files from machine to machine, no problem, but as files get above 100K in size the prospect gets iffy, and at about 1 MB it is almost never succesful. Instead I get any number of error messages.

Usually I get "Error Copy File: Cannot create or replace filename.ext. The specified network resource or device is no longer available" or a variant "The network path was not found".

If after I receive this error message I go back to browse the network device I get a follow on error message which reads "\\computername is not accessible. This device does not exist on the network." or "\\computername\devicename. The network name cannot be found"

These later two errors send explorer off into who knows where. I get an hour glass that usually will not go away, and I have to resort to Alt-ctrl-del to call up Windows Close Program dialog and end the task. On one of the two computers this usually sends my Desktop into Active Desktop Recovery.

Anyway, it seems I've got a network that works only for the most trivial of tasks, and not my eventual goal of sharing an internet connection, exchanging multi-megabyte files, and computer to computer gamming.

Here is what I have tried to resolve this. Uninstalled and re-installed network cards, tested both network cards with D-Link's diagnostic program (both pass), unbound and rebound network protocols, updated IRQ steering on machine that runs on a FIC VA-503+ motheboard with VIA MVP3 chipset, disabled IRQ steering on that machine, replaced crossover cable.

So far nothing has improved or changed the situation. I am at wits end. Any ideas out there?
Have I missed something obvious?

1. RE: It comes and it goes
April Apr-08-01 10:00 PM
In response to message 0
Whenever computers are connected via network cards, and it takes a while to find the network or transfer files, it is usually a result of a bad network card. Try either changing one of the cards, or both of them in your computers.

2. RE: It comes and it goes
Camasone Apr-08-01 11:48 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks April, I'll give that a try. Maybe I can talk the store into taking my extra crossover cable back in exchange for another network card. Will post my results.

3. RE: It comes and it goes
Camasone Apr-09-01 02:36 AM
In response to message 2
Problem solved. Removed both NIC's and re-seated them in their slots, now all is well. One or the other must have not had good contact.

Having had so much good luck with hardware over the years, and bad luck with software, I was hung up on it being a software problem. Lesson re-learned: check and recheck all the physical connection as a first resort.

4. RE: It comes and it goes
lbyard Apr-09-01 06:05 PM
In response to message 3
Good, but I must add my two cents... In my experience, the cable is usually the problem when networking with a (custom) crossover cable. It appears that not many computer shops know how to make them and that they do not always test them. Larry

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