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Unique ISP marketing strategy
copperpipe Apr-12-01 05:41 AM

I came across an interesting website for a local Internet provider who has a different approach to marketing his service. I just thought I'd share it with this forum cuz I found it to be somewhat interesting and amusing. The company does seem to be quite upfront of their philosophy.

The website: http://www.flex.com/sign_up/

I do not endorse this company nor do I have any personal or business ties with them, nor do I know anyone who subscribes to their service.

1. RE: Unique ISP marketing strategy
lbyard Apr-12-01 04:49 PM
In response to message 0
Interesting, sort of, as a curiosity... Obviously, they are extreme, arrogant, and not very smart--if they are trying to sell something, besides, possibly, banner ads on that page. Larry

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