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Cable Modem & MAC address, whats the big deal?
andwhat03 Apr-16-01 07:17 PM
Hey now,

Here's the story, I have cable service with Road Runner and i'm using a Toshiba PCX1100 modem supplied by RR. I want to buy another modem, around $185, and hook it up in another part of my home to another computer. Only one computer will be on at a time and I don't want to set up a network. I need to know if it would work or do these ISP's use mac filtering to prevent unsubscribing customers from connecting.
RR supplies dynamic IP via DHCP.

I borrowed a friends modem and hooked it up and it picked up an IP and worked fine but the modem was supplied by RR, so that test just wasn't real.

Any word on the interal working of Cable ISP's would be helpful.

1. RE: Cable Modem & MAC address, whats the big deal?
lbyard Apr-17-01 06:52 PM
In response to message 0
I don't know the answer about the MAC address and RR, but for that kind of money I would pay someone to run the cable plus buy a router and a network adapter for around $100. Larry

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