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Why is Windows 98 asking for password?
ahmer77 Apr-17-01 08:05 PM

I installed a network connecting two machines of windows 98 and the other on windows 2000 on a network using all the steps in the guide on this site. The problem is that thou Windows 2000 machine can access the printer and folder on the other one, but everytime i try to access the win2k machine from windows 98 one , windows 98 asks for password for the resource. Can you tell me why ? cuz i have made my drive on win2k machine as a shared resource, why is win98 asking for password to access the other one when i haven't set the password option on? what should i do on win2k to correct this.?

1. RE: Why is Windows 98 asking for password?
lbyard Apr-17-01 08:44 PM
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Right-click My Computer, Manage, System Tools, expand Local Users and Groups to Users, in the right pane, right-click the Guest account, Properties, uncheck Disable this account, and make sure the password is set blank, OK. Make sure the hard disk has a share name other than C$. Larry

2. RE: Why is Windows 98 asking for password?
ahmer77 Apr-17-01 09:45 PM
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hi there

Thanks a lot really for your help!!
i really appreciate your promptness in solving my problem.....
soooooo happy )
take care,

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