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Problem with Internet Connection in WinMe
Ho Ngoc Apr-19-01 01:59 AM
Dear Sirs,

Recently our Director Technology, Mr. Doerp, bought a new notebook Compaq
Presario 1700 and this notebook is preinstalled with WinMe. By configuring
the Internet connection we have following problem:

Until now , we used Windows 98 (SE) to connect to the Internet with
following connections (in other notebooks):

- Internet Explorer 5: "Connection: Never dial a connection" to use the
leased line (LAN)
- Outlook Express 5: By creating an account we selected the checkbox "Always
connect to this account using" name of the Dial-Up Networking entry to use
the Dial-Up.

This configuration works fine with Win98 (SE), WinNT and Win2000.

Now in WinMe we can't use it. The configuration of connection in IE always
overwrites the configuration in OE and vice versa. That mean we can't use
the both connections independently.Although the checkbox "Always connect to
this account using" name of the Dial-Up Networking entry is also available
and selected.

I suppose, the reason for it could be the new feature "Dialing" of Dial-Up
Networking entries in WinMe (Right-click on an entry and select
"Properties", you can see the dialing feature on the right . This feature
decide the connection for both IE and OE ).

Could you please help us to solve this problem.

Thank you!


Ho Ngoc
Data Processing Supervisor
Mercedes-Benz Vietnam Ltd.
Quang Trung, GoVap, Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam
Tel.: 0084-8-8959100

1. RE: Problem with Internet Connection in WinMe
lbyard Apr-19-01 02:38 PM
In response to message 0
LAST EDITED ON Apr-19-01 AT 02:41 PM (GMT)

Ho, In Windows Me, to configure Outlook Express to connect via dial-up for E-Mail without affecting your LAN connection configuration used for the Internet Explorer, do it by configuring the specific E-mail account instead of doing it for Outlook Express in general. I.e., in Outlook Express, click Tools, Accounts, Mail tab, select the E-Mail account/server, Properties, Connectionů Someday... Larry

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