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Sharing printers on a Win98Se PC with a Win2Kpro PC
MINIMOKE May-10-01 01:21 AM
I have set up a peer to peer network between a PC running Win98SE and a PC running Win2Kpro.

File sharing is working OK except that the Win98SE PC doesn't see files on the NTFS drive (my mistake! I should have set the Win2Kpro to have Fat32 drives!!....or is there someway around this?

The real problem is sharing a Canon BJC-3000 printer that is connected to the Win98SE PC.

When I try to set up this printer as a network printer on the Win2Kpro PC I get a message saying the driver on the Win98SE PC is incompatible.

Any suggestions?

1. RE: Sharing printers on a Win98Se PC with a Win2Kpro PC
Moesdeal May-10-01 03:47 AM
In response to message 0
First thing you do is go to CONTROL PANEL, then in control panel go to ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS. In admin tools go to COMPUTER MANAGEMENT, then go to the USER folder located in the USERS AND GROUPS. Click ACTION add a new user (the user name and password must be what you use to sign on the Win98 mach), or instead of adding a new user you can ENABLE the guest account (not as secure, so use this as a last resort).

After completing that you can then share the hard drive (even NTFS) and printer. Right click and go to the properties of each item and go to SHARING, do forget to give the correct level of permissions for each of the shares.

As far as the incompatible driver problem, you can simple download the correct drivers from Cannon for each operating system, and install them on each computer. For the computer the printer is not local to you can still add the printer as a local then go into the properties (right click the printer icon), when in properties go to details and click ADD PORT. Browse the network for the printer on the other machine and your set.

Hope this solves all your problems.

Good Luck

3. RE: Sharing printers on a Win98Se PC with a Win2Kpro PC
MINIMOKE May-11-01 00:27 AM
In response to message 1
Thanks Moe,

Help much appreciated, but I am still having some problems.

I have checked that the user names and passwords are the same in both machines. I am trying to use the user name Dave-Sue (with capital D and S and a - between). I notice that one of the PCs shows Dave-sue (ie no capital S), do you think that could be a problem. Bare in mind that the sharing seems to work well in one direction.

The Win98SE PC can only "see" a IDE CDROM on the Win2KPro PC. It doesn't "see" a SCSI CDROM, a SCSI Hard Drive (NTFS) and the 1.44 floppy, even though these were set to be shared at the same time and the same way as the IDE CD.

The Win2KPro PC can "see" the Win98SE hard-drive and I am able access the files no problem.

I have also tried to access the internet via the Win2KPro PC using the modem attached to the Win98SE PC. This is also giving me problems.

Again, thanks for the help.


4. RE: Sharing printers on a Win98Se PC with a Win2Kpro PC
MINIMOKE May-11-01 00:32 AM
In response to message 1
Still having problems with the BJC-3000. I installed it as a local printer in the Win2KPro. How do I change the port setting to a port on the Win98SE PC (where the printer is connected)?

Sorry, but I couldn't find anywhere on the Win2kPro where the the port could be changed to a network port. How do I map a LPT port across the network? Easy question probably!! but I am not an expert.

5. RE: Sharing printers on a Win98Se PC with a Win2Kpro PC
lbyard May-11-01 05:15 PM
In response to message 4
Disk drive share names have to be something other than the default C$, D$

Start, Settings, Printers, Add Printer should pop-up a Wizard where a network printer can be installed. Click Next, choose Network printer, Next, Next, Browse to the desired network PC and shared printer, Next, OK so you can install an NT printer driver, Yes or No for default (probably Yes in your case), Finish. Select the new printer, right-click with your mouse, and click Print Test Page. Mine worked, how about yours? Larry

6. RE: Sharing printers on a Win98Se PC with a Win2Kpro PC
MINIMOKE May-12-01 03:13 AM
In response to message 5
Thanks Larry, looks like I'm still having problems.

I can't seem to change the share name from C$. In the properies window for the drive I can change the "share name" but when I click "apply" it reverts back to C$.

With regards to the printer sharing. I have tried what you suggested. I can find the printer on the network, but when I click next I get a warning box saying: "The server on which the Canon "Canon BJC-3000" printer resides does not have the correct printer driver installed. If you want to install the driver on your local computer, click OK"

When I click OK I get another window saying digital signiture not found. This is probably from when I used the Canon install disk to add a driver to the Win2KPro PC. Remember the BJC-300 is installed on the Win98SE PC and I am trying to connect to it from the Win2KPro PC.

Any ideas?


fill in the details but when

7. RE: Sharing printers on a Win98Se PC with a Win2Kpro PC
Moesdeal May-12-01 02:30 PM
In response to message 6
For the C: drive share. go to the Sharing page and click on NEW SHARE, a window will open up and you will be able to create a new share name. After putting in a share name go to the security on that share and give the EVERYONE group FULL control.

On the signature not found error, that is new for windows 2000 and ME, driver files have to have a signature file to verify that they have been tested by Microsoft. If you know this driver was written specifically for the OS your trying to install it on you can do like I have had to do many times in the past and just ignore the warning and install the driver.


8. RE: Sharing printers on a Win98Se PC with a Win2Kpro PC
MINIMOKE May-14-01 00:37 AM
In response to message 7
Thanks Moe and Larry,

I have eventually sorted out my printer/hard-drive sharing problem.

The printer set-up appeared not to work in the "Add (network) Printer", but when I went to print from Word, everything works OK. The warnings issued during set-up were very misleading...I assumed the set-up hadn't worked...how wrong was that!!

My hard-drive sharing problem seemed to be related to the fact that I had (for some unknown reason) two installations in the "network connection" set-up of my NIC. I deleted both and re-installed.

I also removed the unwanted protocols (NetBEUI and IPX/SPX)

The network seems fine on TCP/IP protocol....much faster.

Is there a limit to the number of bindings? Maybe this was my problem?

I now move on to finish my Host/Client set-up so I can access the internet from both machines.

Thanks again....great web-site!!!


9. RE: Sharing printers on a Win98Se PC with a Win2Kpro PC
Moesdeal May-14-01 03:47 AM
In response to message 8
>Thanks Moe and Larry,
>I have eventually sorted out my printer/hard->drive sharing problem.

Glad all is working. Looking at your last post I realized we had no help whatsoever from Curly, Geez he must be surfing E-bay again!!!

10. RE: Sharing printers on a Win98Se PC with a Win2Kpro PC
lbyard May-14-01 02:38 PM
In response to message 8
TCP/IP can be bound to a maximum of four network adapters. Yes, duplicated network adapter drivers can stop a network cold. Larry

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