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Dollar signs block hard drive browsing (W98 to W2k)
DPS May-17-01 06:55 AM
I have a cross-over cable network that pings succesfully from server (W98) to client (W2k) and vice versa. The W2k client can read all drives on the W98 computer and can access the attached printer. Both user names and passwords are the same for both systems.

Problem: W98 server can browse CD-Rom, floppy, and Zip drive on the W2k client, but cannot browse the partitioned hard drive. I notice that in drive-properties-sharing all 'browsable' drives on both machines have share names consisting of a single letter equal to the drive ID. The partitioned hard drive is however by default identified by C$ and D$. I do not seem to be able to successfully change these to simple C and D respectively. The user name on the problematic W2k machine has 'Power User' priviledges. I chose the defaults (as simple as possible) when 'sharing' all mentioned drives, including the partitioned disk. These are both NTFS format. I would prefer not to use the Guest user on the W2k machine since later I want to connect to the internet. Administrator is presumably even less secure.

Assistance humbly sought.

1. RE: Dollar signs block hard drive browsing (W98 to W2k)
lbyard May-17-01 10:44 AM
In response to message 0
Try this on the Win2K computer, step-by-stepů

Open the Windows Explorer
Expand My Computer to the C: drive
Click the C: drive with the right button on your mouse
Select Sharing
Click the New Share button at the bottom, right of the resulting window
Enter the following in the Share Name box:
Click the Permissions Button
Select Everyone
Check the desired boxes
Click OK
Click OK
Click the down arrow to the right of the Share name box
Select C (not C$)
Click the Apply button at the bottom (this is where people usually muck up)


2. RE: Dollar signs block hard drive browsing (W98 to W2k)
d.stedman May-17-01 03:45 PM
In response to message 1
You're a star!!!
It all worked without a hitch. Now to try to connect to the internet.
I have a feeling that you might be hearing from me in the near-distant future.

Many sincere thanks,

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