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Question on SMC7004BR
hauwquek May-23-01 08:25 AM
Hi everyone. I'm new. Pardon me if my 3 questions have been asked before.

I am planning to buy a cable router and am looking at SMC, Lynksys and COMPEX. SMC seems to be the best choice because, apart from the standard features, it comes with a print server with no premium in price! Can anyone comment on this?

If I set up a peer to peer networking at home with 3 PCs and a laser printer, is it correct that any one PC can access the Internet and use the printer without the other 2 PCs to be ON?

Finally, how is the printer connected to the router, the usual parallel port?

Thank you.
T H Hauw

1. RE: Question on SMC7004BR
lbyard May-23-01 03:00 PM
In response to message 0
True, but there have been problems with some printers. Most work.




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