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loop back test fails
tockert Jun-13-01 09:51 PM
I am trying to network two win 98SE machines. The diag's for the ethernet cards fails for the loop back test on one of the machines. That is the same machine that can only see itself in network neighborhood. The other machine will pass the loopback test about 50% of the time. This machine will also occasionally see the other machine on the network, but when I click on that machine, I get the following error: "The computer or sharename could not be found, make sure you typed it correctly and try again".
I have followed the guide and still no solid connection between the two computers. There are no conflicts in device manager.

Here is my set up:
Computer #1
AMD 850
Asus K7V mb
256mb ram
Diamond Stealth III S540 video card.
Western Digital 20 gig ATA-100 drive
USR 56k modem
Sound blaster PCI 16 sound card
Hawking Technology fast 10/100 ethernet card
Win 98SE

Computer #2
AMD 800
PC Cooler mother board
128mb Ram
#9 8 mb video card
13.5 Western Digital Hard drive
Onboard sound
Hawking Technology fast 10/100 ethernet card
Win 98SE

Hawking Technology 4 port hub

I have also used a crossover cable, but no joy with that either.
I bought the nic cards and hub as a networking kit. At the present time I have no spare nic cards to swap out with. I will have some in a couple of days, and will try a swap at that time to see if that is any help. Until then, I am at a loss.

Thanks for the help

1. RE: loop back test fails
tockert Jun-14-01 02:05 AM
In response to message 0
Did a search on the Forum here for loopback. Had some pretty good hits too. I found out that loopback is of no concern because I have no loopback cable. I will make on to check this out later on though.
I am still unable to connect the two computers though. I have networked Win 95 and 98, and never had this many problems. I used Coax though. This problem looks like a standard coax bad cable problem. I have swapped out cables and I also see the link and activity leds flash on my hub. I think that I will still test the cables and see what happens.
Anyone have anyother ideas.
Once I get these two win98 machines networked, I am going to network Win XP with a Win 98 machine. I just wanted to have a stable network first before i tried that.

2. RE: loop back test fails
lbyard Jun-14-01 02:22 PM
In response to message 1
It may be of concern in this case... If the loop back test passed intermittently on one adapter as you indicate, I would suspect a faulty cable. Assuming the diagnostic software and adapter are working correctly, how else could the transmit pins on that adapter communicate with the receiver pins on the same adapter? Larry

3. RE: loop back test fails
tockert Jun-14-01 09:37 PM
In response to message 2
I will double check my cables. I just received a new SMC 10/100 ethernet card today. It passes the loopback test everytime. The other network test has been unsuccessfull so far. I also received my new crossover cable. still no joy on the computers talking to eachother though.
I have never had this many problems setting up a network though. It is getting agravaiting at this point. About to throw the whole thing out the window and find some older combo ethernet cards for coax. I still have about 100' of coax at the house from my old thinnet lan.
I am sure that I will get it figured out before I loose all my hair.


4. RE: loop back test fails
lbyard Jun-15-01 05:56 AM
In response to message 3
Does it pass the loopback test with the cable unplugged? No way would I go back to thinwire. Larry

5. RE: loop back test fails
tockert Jun-15-01 10:23 PM
In response to message 4
I guess call me stupid or something. Today I put another new cable on my network to try and get it to work. It worked and I can see both computers in the network Neighborhood. I can also pass info between the two computers. One of my cables was wrapped up in a tight circle on the floor and tied together with a twist tie. I did not figure this would cause any problems with the network, but it has. I put this cable back on the network after I spread it out through my computer room, and it also works. I am still unsure about my crossover cables though. I will test them out next. I guess that they are bad also. One of them I bought and the other one I made. I did meter out the one I made with a multimeter though and it checked out good. I think I will take them to work and see if they have a cable tester.
As far as your question about the loopback test, they both fail at the present time with the network working. I have not disconneted the cables to see what would happen then. I have a small chunk of cable and I am going to make it into a loopback test cable.
Now I am going to try and get this network to work with Win2K and Win XP. I have removable drive bays in this computer, so I can play with multiple operating systems.

Thanks for the help. Keep up the good work here on the site. Lots of good info here too.


6. RE: loop back test fails
adi Nov-15-01 10:19 PM
In response to message 5
LAST EDITED ON Nov-15-01 AT 10:20 PM (GMT)

try to check the tcp/ip sttings and the ethernet card if the both r installed correctly
and try to ping ur ip address

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