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SMC Barricade and Netgear EN104 Hub
taibir Jun-15-01 03:48 AM
I have an SMC Barricade Router to share my cable internet connection and to network a couple of win98 PCs. One PC is next to the router and modem, the other is in another room. Is it possible to add a hub (Netgear EN104) in the remote location to connect 2 pcs to the internet and my home network ? I have tried it and the connection dies. Cannot get an IP address from the router when the hub is in place. Remove the hub and connect 1 PC it works fine.

1. RE: SMC Barricade and Netgear EN104 Hub
lbyard Jun-15-01 03:50 PM
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It should work. You may have a cable problem. I have a Barricade connected to D-Link DSS-5+ switch (see http://duxcw.com/digest/Reviews/Network/dlink/dfe-910/dfe-910.htm and http://duxcw.com/faq/network/hubsw.htm) and it works fine. If you are using an uplink port on the hub be aware that many hubs share the uplink port with a normal port and both cannot be used at the same time. Larry

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