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GeForce 4 MX 420 Problem
HoDog14 Jun-10-02 07:26 PM
Ever since i got this graphics card, my computer has been freezing up in many programs, mostly in games and movies, but also in other areas. I have 640 mb of ddr memory and an Athalon 2000+ processor. The only minimum system requirement i do not meet is that the card requires a 350 watt power supply and i only have a 300 watt power supply. I know that this will cause occational power failures because i have had a few, but those are spontaneous (as in, the computer restarts immediately and it says i have had a power failure with the GeForce 4 responsible). But my freezing up problem is different in that the screen freezes, but the mouse can still move (for a while anyways) and then a minute or two later, the computer will restart and give me a different message than the power failure one but it still says that that the GeForce 4 is responsible. The 2nd problem is a LOT more common that the first and it is the only thing that I am really concerned about. ALSO: if I dissable the Geforce 4, then everything works fine but i cant play games. Are both these problems from the Power Supply, or is the freezing problem a problem with the card or the drivers themselves. (ive tried reinstalling the drivers, but the same problem occours) Thanks for the help. -Joe

1. RE: GeForce 4 MX 420 Problem
lbyard Jun-11-02 09:34 AM
In response to message 0
Words can't change a 300 Watt power supply into a 350 Watt power supply... The second problem could be caused by the same thing that is causing the first one. It is probably the power supply, but it might be a defective board/memory, or could be caused by having a PCI board in the PCI slot next to the AGP slot.

2. RE: GeForce 4 MX 420 Problem
HoDog14 Jun-11-02 10:50 AM
In response to message 1
ok, well, the video card is far away from the AGP slot, but there is another card (phoneline networking card) in the PCI slot next to the AGP slot. Does this make a difference to the Video Card? (by the way, the PL Networking card works fine...) And when you say that it might be a defective board or memory, do u mean on the GeForce 4, or my motherboard and the main memory? Thanks. -Joe

3. RE: GeForce 4 MX 420 Problem
deerslayer Jun-11-02 11:25 PM
In response to message 2
It sounds like the psu for sure. What motherboard are you using and also what video card driver are you running?

4. RE: GeForce 4 MX 420 Problem
lbyard Jun-12-02 12:13 PM
In response to message 2
>video card is far away from the AGP slot

I don't understand... How can it be? Larry

5. RE: GeForce 4 MX 420 Problem
DJ Net2Infinity Jun-12-02 12:19 PM
In response to message 4
The card should be in the AGP slot and I believe it requires a 4x AGP slot, what are your motherboard specs, or what make and model is it?

6. RE: GeForce 4 MX 420 Problem
HoDog14 Jul-03-02 10:49 PM
In response to message 5
ok, sorry for the long pause. Currently, i have dissabled the card and im not playing games or movies much, but it is a pain to enable the card every time i want to do these things. The card is a pci card, Brian, not an agp card. I believe you can get both models. And when i said that it was far away from the AGP slot, i meant that it was a coupple of pci slots over (mabe the 3rd pci slot over from the agp slot, which runs parallel to the pci slots. Here is a link to my motherboard:


hope this helps. thanks - joe

8. RE: GeForce 4 MX 420 Problem
lbyard Jul-04-02 01:03 AM
In response to message 6
Which one is it? The Abit KR7A-133 or KR7A-133RAID? Larry

9. RE: GeForce 4 MX 420 Problem
HoDog14 Jul-06-02 05:14 PM
In response to message 8
Actually im not shure, they are extremely similar, and my manual is for both as well. Ive tried checking for the differences and cant seem to find any that make sense to me... How much does this matter? If it helps, i use pc 2100 ddr memory...? Besides that, what are the chances that it is the small power supply? Thanks

10. RE: GeForce 4 MX 420 Problem
lbyard Jul-07-02 02:05 PM
In response to message 9
It matters in that the RAID controller may be causing the problem. Look at the pictures. The RAID version has two additional places to plug-in IDE drive cables. Larry

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