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From the shop...  If you work with Western Digital hard disk drives you should have a copy of WD Diagnostics.  I prefer this simple DOS utility over programs like scandisk to test drives because I think it does a better job.wddiag.jpg (65782 bytes)

The drive information may save you from having to pop the lid on a computer and removing the drive to see the model, serial number, etc.  The Repair Drive function has saved me many times when working with damaged drives.  It did today.  I use the Write Zeros To Drive function to take WD hard disks back to "bare metal" when the software is hopelessly screwed-up, to fix boot tracks, to remove overlapping partitions, and to test new drives before installing software.   The Write Zeros to Drive function will destroy all data on your hard disk.  You should be sure that you have a good backup of any data you want to save before using it.   Also, to preclude any possibility of an error, I disconnect any other drives that may be in the computer. The utility will even assist you in completing an RMA (returned merchandise form) form for returning bad drives still under warranty.  WDDIAG works only with Western Digital drives.

Download it from Western Digital's web site.  It's free and should be in every software toolbox.


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