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AMD K6-2 PROCESSORS AND WINDOWS 95.   A little while ago, in a From the Shop article, I reported a problem with K6-2 processors with a CPU frequency of 350 Mhz and higher and the various versions of Windows 95 OSR2.  There is a fix for this problem as described in the article.   Since then I have discovered that the problem also exists in older versions of Windows 95.  The patch to fix the problem with OSR2 detects the version of Windows you have and will not install on these older versions.  So, I fired-off a message to AMD's tech support.  Here is their response:

Hello Larry,

As you have read... This is a Microsoft related issue so they developed the patch to work with the B and C versions of 95...From what I understand Microsoft has no plans to release a patch for the A and non A version of 95. Microsoft is recommends Windows 98... Contact the AMD Technical Service Center at 408-749-3060 to discuss a solution.

Best regards,


What this simply says is that K6-2 processors with a CPU frequency of 350 Mhz or greater are not compatible with Windows 95 versions older than OSR 2.0 (or vice versa).  If your have these versions you are going to have to upgrade before upgrading your processor.  For instructions on how to determine what version of Windows 95 you have click here.

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