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HP ScanJet 4100C Installation Problems
Last updated: 10/25/99

At the low-end (as low as I would consider) of the flat bed scanner market ($200.00), the HP ScanJet 4100 series is a fairly decent machine.  Its USB interface makes it faster than scanners with  printer port interfaces.  Frankly, however, if I had my choice among HP scanners I'd spend an extra $100.00 and buy the 5200C.  A couple of weeks ago I installed one without a problem and it runs as fast off a USB port as my 4P does off a SCSI interface board.

My experience with the 4100C is a different story.  Like most of the HP scanners I've seen, it can be troublesome to install--most of the HP scanners I do see are, in fact, the result of installation problems. For example, I bought my trusty ScanJet 4P for $25.00 from a customer who got sick and tired of, and poorer from, bringing it (and their computer) back to me to reinstall.  I've seen similar problems with the 5P.  And the tradition lives on... I recently installed the 4100C on two computers and had problems with both of them.  Here are few tips:

1.  If you have a Super7 (100 Mhz Socket 7) motherboard with the VIA MVP3 chipset hop over to VIA's web site and download and install the USB Filter Driver.  If you are running Win 98 you should also install the IRQ Routing Driver.

2.  Check your CMOS setup to be sure that USB  is installed.

3.  Windows 95 versions below OSR 2.1 do not support USB.  You will have to find the upgrade to 2.1 or upgrade to Windows 98 (I recommend the later).

4.  HP likes to install their scanners backwards (or, at least the order is illogical and backwards to me).  Install the software first; before plugging the scanner into one of your USB ports.

5.  After installing the software, make sure the scanner is on (plugged-in) and connected it to your computer before powering back up.

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