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Last updated: 07/30/03

aln320.jpg (4123 bytes)These instructions are provided as an example of how to install a PCI network adapter. 

Note:  if your motherboard has the VIA MVP3 Super7 chipset (e.g., the Epox EP-51MVPE-M or EP-58MVP3C-M)   and is running Windows 98, I strongly recommend that you install the VIA IRQ Routing Miniport Driver before installing any network board.  You should be adle to download it from the manufacture of your motherboard or, alternatively, from VIA.

checkbox.gif (68 bytes)  Determine what version of Windows your computer is running.  If you don't know which version of Windows you have on your computer, click here.

checkbox.gif (68 bytes)  Shut down/ turn-off your computer and unplug the power cord.

checkbox.gif (68 bytes)  Remove the computer cover.

checkbox.gif (68 bytes).  You "should" observe proper electrostatic precautions when handling the adapter.... Maintain contact between you body (bare skin) and the metal of the computer case or use a grounding strap while handling the adapter before  it is plugged into  the computer.  Remove the ALN-320 from its plastic box, insert it into any available PCI bus slot, and fasten the top of the adapter to the case with an appropriate screw.

checkbox.gif (68 bytes)  Plug-in your network cable.

checkbox.gif (68 bytes)  Plug-in the computer power cord and turn it on.  When Windows 95 or 98 boots up it should detect the adapter and display the following message: 

"New hardware Found...   AcerLAN ALN-320 10/100 Base-TX Fast Ethernet Adapter... Windows is installing the software for your new hardware"

checkbox.gif (68 bytes)  You should then see the following window.  Click OK if you do not want to fine- tune the setting.  You can access and change this setting later from the Control Panel.  I won't go into that here.

Iadvanced.jpg (39116 bytes)

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