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How to Network Two Windows 95/98 Computers
Last updated: 1/17/2000


  Configure the Primary Network Logon as the Client for Microsoft Networks as shown.  (The Client should have been installed by Windows when it installed the network adapter.  If it is not installed or you need to reinstall it, add it as you did the NetBEUI protocol:  click Add, Double-click Client, Select Microsoft from the Manufacture's List , Select Client for Microsoft Networks from the Network Clients list, and click OK.)

Verify the Client for Microsoft Networks configuration.  Double-click the Client for Microsoft Networks and make sure the resulting window looks like the one to the right.

Logon validation is only used when you have a Windows NT file server on your network.  I normally choose to have my mapped drives (see below) connected at Logon. Click OK at the bottom of the window.

  Identify your computer and workgroup... Click the Identification tab and  enter a unique name for your computer on the network and a name for your workgroup.  Do not use underlines or "funny characters" in the name.  Each computer in a workgroup must have a unique name.  Your computer's name is not your user name.  Your login name should be different than you computer's name.  You can enter the network through any computer.  Windows may have generated a random computer name for you when you installed Windows.  I usually change it to something more meaningful to a human being and other members of the workgroup.

The workgroup name must be absolutely identical on both computers. Again, do not use funny characters in the workgroup name.

A workgroup is a collection of networked computers which share resources.  There can be more than one workgroup on a LAN.

The Computer Description is not required, but it may be useful.

  Verify the Access Control information.  It should look like this.  User-level control requires a file server.  Tab back to Configuration, click OK, and reboot.


Add File and Printer Sharing...  Click the File and Print Sharing button (above window), check-off the appropriate boxes in the window to the right, and click OK. You should now have Configuration window
which looks like the one below.

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