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How to Network and Share an Internet Connection With Windows 98 Second Edition
Last updated: 07/30/03

PROTOCOLS.  A protocol is a standard set of rules, embodied in software and hardware, which determine how computers and other network components communicate with each other across networks.  The protocols we will be concerned with are:

NetBEUI ("net buoy"), or NetBIOS Extended User Interface, is a fast, efficient protocol used primarily in smaller LANs.  This is one of the easiest protocols to install and configure and the one we will use to initially set-up and test the network.

TCP/IP  or Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol are the protocols used on the Internet.  We must install this protocol on the LAN and for the dial-up adapter for ICS to work.  It is a more complex protocol than NetBEUI and is harder to install and troubleshoot.

ICS or Internet Connection Sharing is called a protocol by the Microsoft literature and in a general sense it is.  But in the larger sense ICS is a collection of software which turns a computer into a LAN to WAN TCP/IP gateway and integrates the other components of the network at the gateway computer.  ICS is composed of the ICS adapter and ICS protocol.

IPX/SPX is the protocol used on Novell networks.  You  may need it for some programs, most notably, in the case of a 2-PC network, to run some multi-PC games.  If you need this protocol, wait until you have completely installed and tested ICS before installing it.

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