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  How can I determine what version of Windows 95, 98, 98 Second Edition (SE), or Me I have installed?
Last Updated 8/5/04

Click the Start button, select Run, and enter winver.

Use the following table to translate the number into the common name of the version:

Common Name

Windows Version

File Dates
Windows 95 Retail & OEM 4.00.950 7/11/95
Windows 95 Retail 4.00.950a 7/11/95 - 12/31/95
Windows 95 OSR2 4.00.111 (4.00.950b) 8/24/96
Windows 95 OSR2.1 4.03.1212-1214 (4.00.950b) 8/24/96-8/27/97
Windows 95 OSR2.5 4.03.1214 (4.00.950c) 8/24/96-11/18/97
Windows 98 Retail & OEM 4.10.1998 5/11/98
Windows 98 Second Edition 4.10.2222A 4/23/99
Windows Me 4.90.3000 6/08/00

If you need to know whether or you have and OSR...

OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer (a company that builds computers, etc.).

OSR = OEM Service Release

You can also access the Control Panel by double clicking the "My Computer" icon on the Desktop and then double-clicking the "Control Panel" folder.


Reference: MSKB Q158238, How to Determine the Version of Windows 95/98/Me in Use.

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