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bg95.gif (13630 bytes)The AOpen BG95 Baby AT form-factor, desktop computer case offers full expandability and good quality for building computers with Baby AT motherboards.  

ltblball.gif (377 bytes)  Bent metal.  The case is made from 1 mm steel. The cover easily slides on from the back and is secured at the back with three screws.

ltblball.gif (377 bytes)  Front Panel.  The attractive, well-designed front panel is fastened to the metal chassis with four screws and is fairly easy to remove.  It has well-positioned keylock and power, turbo, and reset switches.  Power, turbo, and hard disk LEDs are included.   The speaker is inserted in a molded expansion card guide assembly which is conveniently already snapped into the front of the metal chassis.   A muffin fan can also be mounted in the guide.  The plastic is quality stuff.

ltblball.gif (377 bytes)  Drive bays.  The case has five drive bays: two exposed 3 1/2" bays and three exposed 5 1/4" bays.  The two 3 1/2" bays are in a removable cage which is secured with two screws.  This makes it a snap to install and service, all-at-once, a hard disk and a floppy drive.  All of the exposed bays come with with snap-on dust covers.   Drives are easily installed without rails.

ltblball.gif (377 bytes)  Expansion board slots.  The case has eight slots. All of the slots  are covered with annoying knockouts which must be given a good whack and some bending to remove.  The hardware includes two reusable slot covers.

ltblball.gif (377 bytes)  Power supplies.  The case can be ordered with 200 or 250 Watt PS/2 power supplies.   The 200 Watt supply is sufficient   for most computers.  It runs very quietly.

ltblball.gif (377 bytes)  Hardware.  The hardware is complete and well-packaged. There is even a zip-tie to bundle the cables going from the motherboard to the front panel.  All of the motherboard stand-offs are screw-down brass; no plastic.  There are two stick-on rubber feet to put on the bottom of the front of the motherboard so it won't short against the chassis if it is flexed downward--a nice touch.  Four rubber chassis feet are included which are easily and securely fastened with plastic pins instead of less reliable adhesive backing.  There are chassis knock-outs for Baby AT motherboard serial, parallel, and game connectors (I always remove these connectors from the card edge mounts which come with most motherboard cable sets and mount them to the chassis).  I would like to see knockouts for a PS/2 mouse and USB connectors. One annoyance which is present in all of the AOpen cases I have used, is the four-pin connector for the front panel hard disk LED.  I really don't understand why Acer uses a four-pin connector when only two of them are wired for the LED.  The connector works fine if you are using an AOpen motherboard; to connect it to most other motherboards, one must cut the connector longitudinally in half--I use diagonal cutters. 

ltblball.gif (377 bytes)  Packing.  Acer does an excellent job of packing their cases,  This case normally comes wrapped in plastic in the "small box."  The packing consists of two thick, well-made, Styrofoam restrainers which are not easily broken when carefully lifting a computer, made with the case, and easing it into the box.  The box is well-made and will survive most shipping conditions.   An optional "large box" or all-in-one carton is available.   It has room for a keyboard, mouse, software, and accessories.

ltblball.gif (377 bytes)  Documentation.  Like all AOpen cases, this case includes a nicely-done, exploded diagram and assembly instructions.

ltblball.gif (377 bytes)  Dimensions. 16.69"(D)x16.65"(W)x6.06"(H).


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