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With one possible exception, the AOpen HX95 ATX form-factor, desktop computer case is a fine choice.  That exception, a minor one, is the location of the power-on switch which is located in an awkward position at the center of the bottom of the front panel, right below the 3 1/2" drive bays where it is obscured by the keyboard in most user configurations.  The other annoyance, again minor, which is present in all of the AOpen cases I have used, is the four-pin connector for the front panel hard disk LED.  I really don't understand why Acer uses a four-pin connector when only two of them are wired for the LED.  The connector works fine if you are using an AOpen motherboard; to connect it to most other motherboards, one must cut the connector longitudinally in half--I use diagonal cutters.   Now for the other features...

ltblball.gif (377 bytes)  Bent metal.  The case is made from 1 mm steel.  The edges are bent in to strengthen it and reduce the possibility of cuts during assembly.  The cover easily slides on from the back and is secured at the back with three screws.  There is cut-out to mount an optional chassis fan right below the expansion card guide at the right, front of the chassis.  Unfortunately, there are only two holes, above the cutout, to mount the fan.  Holes for mounting the bottom of the fan are missing on all of the HX95's I've seen.

ltblball.gif (377 bytes)  Plastic.  The front panel is gently curved from side-to-side and has an fairly attractive appearance.  Gone are the useless turbo LED and switch and the keylock--good riddance!  The panel is quite securely fastened to the chassis with solid plastic tabs which make it easy to snap on and off.   The speaker is inserted in a molded expansion card guide assembly which is conveniently already snapped into the front of the metal chassis. 

ltblball.gif (377 bytes)  Drive bays.  The case has six drive bays: two exposed and one hidden 3 1/2" bays and three exposed 5 1/4" bays.  The three 3 1/2" bays are in a removable cage which is secured with one screw.  This makes it a snap to install and service, all-at-once, a hard disk, Zip or LS-120 drive, and a floppy drive.  All of the exposed bays come with with snap-on dust covers.   Drives are easily installed without rails.

10/15/98 UPDATE:  The HX95 is now being shipped with channel-shaped metal brace that goes from the top of the back of the 5 1/4 driver bays to the rear of chassis,  just to the right of the power supply.   Not only does this add strength and stiffness to the chassis, it also accommodates and an additional 3 1/2 inch internal drive for total of seven drives.  The brace easily connects to the chassis with a single screw.  I like it.

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